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July 16, 2008



OMG!!!! I'm always in love with your stuff!!


Just got back from a two week vacation....and I seriously had Melissa blog withdrawls!! LOL!! BEAUTIFUL things as always!! Please send me some of your creativity!!! Have a great day!! Char

Jackie W.

Love it all! That tree - amazing! It's something you would see in a high-end boutique and spend a lot of cash on!! You go girl! Hugs, Jackie

Terri Conrad

okay girl! now I want to get out my Christmas decorations! LOVE it all! If you're going to CHA, have a blast.



Oh my! All your work is brilliant, but I just adore the tree. I love what you've done with the stamps this month too.

Beatriz Jennings

OMG! Melissa! I love all your new projects you are AWESOME girl !!! :)


Good stuff Melissa! Always a pleasure visiting your blog. I wanted to tell ya- I love that you used the resin piece for the antlers- that is too perfect- it works so well!


That tree is amazing! Thanks for taking the time to inspire us with your work.


YUMMY! You always make the most gorgeous projects. Love them all!


Wow - that tree is unbelievable! I love it and I can see it in my Dining room.... Want to send it to me??? I am a big fan you know!


You must put the instructions for that tree somewhere, somehow,'s too amazing!!


OMG! Melissa, that tree is rockin'!!!! WOW....can I come to your house and play??? LOL!!! I love your stuff girlie!! You are AWESOME!!!

Linda Albrecht

You seriously floor me every time I see something new that you've created. You turn everything that you touch into gold!! Linda

Lea Lawson

Look at all these amazingly yummy projects!!! Love them never cease to amaze me!



It is just amazing what you have done here! I love that tree. It is just too precious!

Mel Nunn

Gorgeous as usual Melis! Hey- I have been meaning to ask- What sort of twine have you been using on your buttons? I have noticed that you use a natural colour and a white one?

Hilary Kanwischer

Well...I don't know how you do it...the antlers on the reindeer??? PURE GENIUS! LOVE everything here...gorgeous as always. :)


Everything you make is just so amazing!


I love reading your blog Melissa - everything is just soooo beautiful. I love all the soft, delicate colours you use on your projects. That Christmas tree is simply amazing and totally gorgeous.


WOW!!! Your Christmas projects are STUNNING! How wonderful to know that you've already created something for the holidays WAY in advance! I need to do that, too! LOL! You are so inspiring!

I love the sketch and will be back with the link to it when I've completed it! :)


You are simply the most talented woman I know! Everything is oh so gorgeous - really, really, gorgeous! You have such a gift!
xo Sher


oh my this puts you in such a Christmas mood...yummy


Well, it's not shabby chic, but I did use your sketch, and I love the layout!


You never disappoint, Melis! :)


Such wonderful cutenss you are doing! Will give that sketch a try.


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