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March 05, 2009


Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

I couldn't be any happier for you Melissa. Your clothesline sounds perfect! and you KNOW I adore your card, right?


This is soooooo sweet! I love your use of all those trinkets! : )

lori r (loree2000)

Your new home sounds like it's in an fabulous location!! How exciting for you!!

This card is sweet perfection!! Darling!!


love that paper!

Lisa Hjulberg

I adore this card in every way. And I relish the sort of home you're describing... including the clothesline.


such a precious card! you have a wonderful way of combining cute! thanks for sharing!


Ooo, I love all this vintage loveliness!!! :)

Linda Beeson

Melissa - your creation from that wonderful kit of supplies is just wonderful! LOVE the red and the cherries.


perfection is right! I adore this card!! every little detail is fabulous! I have always wanted a clothes line...someday...and worth my wait too!
thank you for being you!

Dana G

YOU have that magic touch with the little goodies! Happy friday and enjoy your day with your girl. I took my girls to work with me for 7 years. It was a great to be able to work AND raise my girls in their first few years :)


You have painted a beautiful picture! I can't wait for spring time and the ability to get outside and smell the clean air! Maybe I will have a card making class outside, a wonderful thought!

Alison Behan

Oh I love the polka dots and cherries too!!! LOVE POLKA DOTS ANYWAY :-). I do so love to come here and listen to the melodic way you describe your life. It must be so exciting to be building your own home and the fact that your DH is working on it must make you burst with pride and love for him. I expect to see pics, young lady!!!

Enjoy your day at work with your little bean and enjoy your weekend!


Jennifer Haywood

I have seen all of your cards over the years but this one Mellisa..... Is MY ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE CARD YOU HAVE EVER MADE. I have seen the hundreds of cards that you have made but I love this one! The shabby feel with the cherries and the flag. I can't get over how much I completely adore it. Ok have I gone on long enough about how much I love the card... HA HA! Have a great day and I can't wait to see your next creation They are all lovely! Your blog brings so much inspiration to me. Thanks so much!


I adore this card---along with all the others you've created! I was so honored to sponsor the CPS Blog design team! I had such fun gathering up all the bits and pieces for the mini kits for each gal. I just KNEW you'd make yours into something fabulous and you did!! If I could have you make something every single day for my lil' site, you know I surely would!
Thank you ever so much!
Kelly @ Keep In Touch


Melissa, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this card. I love all your creations, but this one for some reason just stands out!!!!

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