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May 08, 2009



Gorgeous!!! Your crafts are so inspiring...

Thanx & Be Blessed!

Chris Franco

ahhh...I was just dusting, sweeping and doing bathrooms - this was a delightful break! It's funny, I dream about YOUR style! :)


what a beauty card!!!!!!!!!!!

Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

yet another excellent post Melissa. Your little girl is merely expressing the love and care you have invested in her. Her views and desires are expressions of the love she's received from you and her happiness is what has resulted. Just like your artwork is an expression of the love that lives within you, so are your daughter's remarks. Now take a moment on this upcoming Mother's Day to recognize your success, because I for one, salute you and applaud you.

kim hesson

i'm so glad you love frou frou, especially since i love your style! so glad you are loving and using the trims! i can never seem to get enough trim! :) so much fun meeting you! oh i'm also addicted to those summerset magazines...true bliss!


I am so not a frou frou type and sometimes I think that is why my cards stink to some! My oldest is very girly (unlike me) and my youngest is just like your dd! She loves I am curious to see where she decides to go! I hope she will offer her tomboy style to those that create like I do!


Gorgeous, Melissa. I agree. I'm not a frou frou girl in dress or decor, but I love doing a little bit of bling on my crafts :)

megan duarte



Splendid !!! Mais où trouve tu toutes ces idées !!!


I LOVE the flower for your little one's room-gorgeous! Isn't being a Mom the best!? Yes, we have those days but each day starts anew and they just love you cause--sigh--I went to a Muffins for Mom at her daycare and she had made me a paint handprint with pop sticks--it's the best! Thanks for sharing and happy Mother's Day!


Hi, I absolutely love your work. You have inspire me to start trying the shabby style. Thanks for sharing your work and for sharing your thoughts.


Kay Sibley

I've not seen the Worldwin scallop papers and I love them!! And I like how you put rhinestones on the flowers. This is a gorgeous flower pot!! Your little "cowgirl" will adore it!! ♥♥ Kay


Melissa I am an avid follower of yours and am disappointed every day that you don't post. I had a couple ?s for you. Many times you use a light green card stock with painted cream edges for you cards. April 28th is an example. What is the brand and color of card stock? 2nd on May 4th you published an adorable butterfly card. What is the brand and color of green ribbon you used on the corner to tie it together. Can you tell green is my favorite color?

Valerie Johnson (Mom2Men)

Melissa, I read your blog on a daily basis as I just love what you do. Just wondered if your ears were burning last night and you were the topic of conversation here in Michigan? Not sure if you were aware but there is a large scrap show here this weekend. I was lucky enough to actually meet Melissa Francis face to face last night. I told her what a huge fan I am of your work and how you just made her products shine. Anyway my point is, to thank you for sharing your fabulous talent and inspiration with us.


Beautiful stuff, Melis! Have a happy Mom's day tomorrow. May all your hopes and dreams come true, friend.


Cherish those fine moments you have with your girl. They are only five years once (and in a way that is both great and sad at the same time.) It seem just a moment ago my girl was five, but has now turned seven. Time goes so quick when you have kids.

I love your great creations! Have a wonderful weekend!

Pearl Maple

You do the cutest things with pretty printed paper. Was on line cruising for ideas on what to do to celebrate our granddaughter's 1st birthday and this is simply lovely.

Megan Gourlay

A friend told me about your blog,and I've spent some time going through your many posts. You're an amazing lady love this card!!! Well actually I love all the things you make its so inspiring to see what you make.


I haven't seen much of your work in a while, because I haven't been at CX and I don't know if you have either, but you're just as talented as before, I love your stuff and your style.


Beautiful, Melissa. The story and the creation.


I love your frou frou style! All the gorgeous glitter, ribbons, buttons and trims are a true slice of heaven to me.Every time I visit your blog I am uplifted and absolutely inspired to go and create my own little 'paper and ribbon daydreams'. I am from Australia and I also am the lucky mum to a most adorable five year old little girl called Ebony Skye.Isn't five just a fabulous age? I love reading what you write about your little cowgirl, as it's exactly the way I think of my own little treasure. You sound like a very caring and wonderful mum and thanks for the beautiful, inspiring creations.


I love your creations and your style !!!

Louloupi from France ;-)


I'm french, and I find you make beautifull cards...

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