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November 03, 2009



Baking is a lost art!! I love to bake and bring goodies in to the office or offer them up to family and friends and gladly accept it! My favorite is homemade pies with my grandmothers recipe..everything from scratch!!

Beautiful pocket Melis!


Hi Melissa, I'm not much of a baker but am going to try really hard to give it a go for the holidays. In fact, I may start with the pumpkins that are on my front yard....any suggestions? By the way, your basket full of ribbon is so pretty and inviting....mine seem too organized in comparison...I may have to try your style for some inspiration.



Amen, to my favorite word artist and paper artist! Nothing like a little lovin from the oven!

denise young

Yes, I love to bake too. I do confess though, I don't always bake from scratch. I have never made cinnomon rolls from scratch. The pumkin sounds fantastic... I love everything made with pumpkin. I love to bake cookies the most.
My question is... how the heck do you stay so thin?

Rachel S

Another beautiful card! Love that pocket style, too. I love to bake, too! I have a new recipe to try tomorrow morning - caramel apple muffins. (it has diced caramels in it). Hopefully it will taste as good as it sounds.


I have a fabulous cinnamon roll recipe. If you want it email me and I'll send it to you.


Beautiful projects!! All that ribbon is making me weak at the knees.

I've recently re-discovered baking, and I'm enjoying every second of it.

Diane H

I just read all your are all making my mouth water....I love to cook..and bake, but don't do it often enough as I will eat most of it myself....I did make a nice little pan Sunday of a quick apple crisp topped with a spoonful of ice was an Amish recipe I clipped from the paper..yummy and your pocket...someday I will be the "first" to see your Etsy items...they sell so fast...and I have to have at least one!!

Cresta Woodruff

I recently discovered your blog and I am IN LOVE with your work, the way you write, just everything! Just wanted to let you know. I come by every day now. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us.

I also love to bake... my favorite thing is soft gingerbread cookies.

Have a beautiful day!

Corrina Holloway

I like to bake and roast but alas that is all over for me for the rest of the year! Where i live we have temps for the past week 80-95F (30-35C). So definately in for a hot summer! (though i will try and bake some chirstmas goodies for gifts!)


The cinnamon rolls sound yummy. I've never made them but was thinking the other day that I'd like to try making some. I absolutely love those pockets! :)


I am in the mood for baking too. I have a photo of what I baked on my blog. That is a basket full of such lovely pretties. Thanks for taking the time to share your creations which are always inspiring. :)

Vanessa Menhorn

Hi Melissa! This creation is so fabulous and beautiful! Thank you so much for inspiring me - I love your work! This ribbon "mess" is perfect :)


Betsy Spencer

I have those pretty messes in my craft room as well, and they have inspired me many times, besides just being so soothing to look at! I enjoy baking...not cooking...when I can pull myself away from my crafts/art. Cookies are my favorite because you can eat more than one while another slice of cake or pie seems forbidding. So many pleasures in life to enjoy and so many, just the simple things in life! Beautiful creations as always.

Jennifer Breaux

MMMMM, we're running so late on FHE this week, I think the Pumpkin Rolls may force everyone to gather & stay put for more than 5 minutes! The recipe looks amazing - thanks again!


I love to bake........ apple pie and so much more :) Today I made for the birthday of my son - 19 years already!!!- a citrus cake filled with a mix of home made lemon curd and mascarpone ( that's italian cream cheese. I live in Holland/ Europe and I don't know if it's for sale in the USA...)My favorite pie is cake filled and decorated with whipped cream and strawberries.....

stella boatman

Your pocket card is lovely. I'm just into getting into pocket cards and I can see so many possibliities of things to stamp and add to the inside tag. I just bought myself a new Kitchen Aid mixer last week because I love to cook and bake so much. Making bread is a favorite activity. When my husband was alive, he always loved the smell of our home when I was cooking or baking. Such wonderful memories can be made.

Cathy La Hay

Your blog is filled with such inspiration. Such soft beautiful creations.

I love to bake. It's what I do best but this time of the year for me is about the warm fuzzy meals that remind me of my Southern roots. Though I was born in Chicago, my Dad was a Southern boy and I love to make home made Chicken and rolled dumplings in the fall. I wish my Dad was still here to see how I mastered them. He would be so proud!


this is so beautiful and shabby and wonderful melissa! one of my favs from the entire week!

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