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November 04, 2009


Amber Goble

Beautiful LO's and photos. It is so obvious how much you love your family by the care you take in scrapping their lives!

jen shears

Aww- so sweet! The LO's & projects are beautiful! And what a cute Scooby! :)


I really enjoy your blog and your beautifully styled designs! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us


it's WONDERFUL!!! as always!


you are so right to take the time
just to enjoy and love her
they grow so quickly


Beautiful!! Your Dad album made me tear up.. such a special thing for your DD to have.

Wonderful layouts and such a beautiful little girl :)


and how lucky to have a mummy like you...wonderful! :) Bonnie x


L'amour que vous portez à votre petite fille est magnifique. Plus que vos images ce sont vos mots qui me touchent.
Bonne journée


I hope they have a wonderful camping trip and the ponytail lesson goes well Melissa;-) A lovely look at your baby over the years. xL


Wonderful! Love the art work, love the love story. Love that she's going hunting with the men - and your thought about teaching Dad how to make a ponytail! How precious!

Love the last photo - you are both SO beautiful!

Betsy Spencer

Keep sharing, Melissa! When all is said and done, it isn't the manicured hands, the stylish clothes, the momentary career achievements we mothers may have, but the love we have poured into our children that define us. Nothing is so beautiful as raising children who know they are loved and desired.
Your love for your daughter reminds me of Laura Ingalls Wilder's mother; reading the "Little House" books shows a mother who delighted in her children's nearness. It is a blessed thing to possess!

Lisa Dorsey

What a lucky, lucky girl you have. It is so obvious, my dear, how much you adore her and I am sure that she adores you as well. I know I do. :) Sweet collection Melis. Thanks for sharing this.


Oh I love all of the "goodies" you use in your layouts! I'm going to be a first time grandma in the spring - a granddaughter! and I'd love to know where to find some of those girly embellishments for her book. Love that last picture of the both of you - beautiful!


Oh my gosh your photos and pages are wonderful! I really enjoy reading your blog because it just oozes with the love you have for your family.


They are all beautiful--including your little girl and you! I reminded myself this morning to be more patient with my little ones and enjoy this time together before they are too grown up!


Melissa, Thank you for sharing your layouts and so many sweet personal photos. I know exactly how you feel. After raising 2 boys, I now have the most adorable, sweet, precious 4 y/o granddaughter. I can't get enough of her. I never knew I could love someone so much. I think about her constantly and just adore her. I love your blog and your work. Your talent is truly a gift from God.


Thanks so much for sharing the scrapbook pages and other projects. I am in a design rut when it comes to starting my sons baby album.
You are so talented!

Leonie Castro

You are so talented! I love the colors you've chosen and the lace ahhh they are so beautiful and so are you! Your daughter she reminds me of when my children were young. Treasure these moments they go by too quickly.


I've collected most of these artworks now into my "copy" portfolio. She is a very blessed child to have you as mother.

Kathy W

Beautiful! I love that sweet "my angel" card/layout with her in that precious bonnet. Thanks for sharing these with us. So nice that she gets to have "dad" time and that they have their own special activities.

Cathy La Hay

Stunning!! Such inspiration!


Love it! You two are adorable!

Rachel Greig

Beautiful story and beautiful projects!!!! Love the photo of you together at the end! You have the bluest eyes - stunning!!


Breathtaking! Please don't ever hesitate to indulge yourself with us! :)


Your layouts are so beautiful! And I must say you and your bean are adorable in that last photo...thanks for sharing.


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