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April 06, 2011


rebekah f

love the picture you paint in my mind with your story today.. sounds fabulous..
have fun with all your critters!


Another beautiful card.
BTW Our chickens used to LOVE watermelon...


It's wonderful that Sierra can live close to nature and enjoy some little farming ;)

Card is very pretty. Every detail is adorable.

Ruth S

Love your adorable card Melissa - such wonderful layered details ;)
And of course little Sierra sounds as cute as ever.
I remember feeding scraps to our chickens as a girl, and letting them run out all over the garden to scratch for grubs. They loved it! Hugs to you all, Ruth S

Lisa V.

I love the soft colors of your card. Everything just goes together so wonderfully. Your story about the animals is so fun. I can just see the chickens watching for you and enjoying all of the little treats.

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laura huffman

lots of love in that statement. again, gorgeous card. always love what you do and share. thanks Melissa. your little farm is getting bigger.


Gorgeous card, love the color combination! Your country life always sounds so very cozy and sweet. Have a good day.

Patty O'Malley

It's wonderful that your little one entertains herself through her imagination (a lot of that is missing in today's world). Love the card and all the little details.

Susan Beauchaine

GORGEOUS! love that card! Give Sierra a big hug ~ precious memories!
Thanks for sharing

Karen Letchworth

So cute! What is it that you do to the JilliBean Soup corrugated houses to make them look like they're covered in tattered, holey tissue? Something speical at every turn - thanks!


Love your cards and have been a follower for quite a long time. Do you ever share pictures of your house? I picture it to be as beautiful as the cards you make. Would love to see it.


another gorgeous card...
i think if you ever had the TIME
you could write the best short stories about a cutie patutie little girl who roams the west with her band of rough and rowdy animals!!!
i would buy them for sure...
give big hugs to the star of the
show for me :D

Polly McMillan Raymond

Love the gorgeous card - the Crate Paper collection sure looks like a must have. So many of your signature pretty touches!

On a side note, we have chickens too! Ten in our flock...they're so much fun. We live across the street from an elementary school and every year the students come see the chickens and the coop for a field trip - so cute!


Beautiful card. I love the mix of all the elements. Our chickens LOVED to eat grapes. They'd come out of their little "house" whenever we went out to the yard just to see if we were bringing grapes.

Alice W.

love that you not only share your beautiful work, you also share the precious and sweet moments in your life. it's such a delight to read. thanks for sharing once again, Melissa! =) have a lovely weekend!


Your card? Pure beauty; I am always impressed by the way you make the perfect choice for papers and embellishments. So lovely to look at and so much inspiration....

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