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April 29, 2012


maria f.

Thanks for sharing the penny candy story. Here's mine. There's a General Store in Lexington MI that we would stop at to get an ice cream when we were heading back to the city after a weekend up at the lake. They had a penny candy counter/case too. Every once in awhile I was allowed to pick out a few things - like stick candy, those little dots stuck on paper... Incredible but true, the General Store is still there and my kids love to go get a little brown paper bag full when we visit in the summer. Of course, things cost a bit more than a penny, but it still takes them forever make their choices about what gets put into their bag. And the girls behind the counter are patient - how fab. I always make sure to get a couple green apple caramel suckers tucked in too. In honor of the Jolly Ranchers I used to pick out as a kid!

Elizabeth S.

Just beautiful! Love reading your stories, brings back some of my memories as a child ( many, many years ago). Thank you for including recipes.

Patty O'Malley

So very sweet! Enjoyed your childhood story. I can remember saving my pennies to buy books. I loved the Bobbsey Twins. I would get 25 cents a week and it would take a bit to get enough money together to buy a book but I feel I appreciated the fact of having to save for it.


What a sweet projects today Melissa and I loved your story! When I was a little girl we went on camping trips every summer. There was an ice-cream truck that made it's rounds through the campground. If we missed it my dad would load us up, my uncle & cousins too and chase down the truck. He would tell the man two cones one;for my brother and I.I would pipe up and say 'Daddy I don't want ice-cream I want Cracker Jacks!!


loving the clocks-can't have to many..good for travel photos and all the memory pages

Jenn Copeland

Beautiful projects, Meliss! Thank you for the sweet story from your childhood! I, too, have wonderful memories of going to the itty bitty town my grandparents lived in. The only store was the "Mercantile" where we would go get penny candies or get to really splurge on a 10 cent Jolly Rancher stick! We would then take any coins left over and put them on the train tracks and wait for the train to come by and smash them! Hugs to you and your family!

Renee VanEpps

These are gorgeous! I wish I could make such beautiful little treasures! I'm sure you're little girl is going to have fabulous memories from childhood, your devotion & love for her is so powerful, how could she not?!

Francis Ames

I just wanted to say that someone recommended I check out your blog. They were right to do so. Your work is fabolous! We love your use of embellishments. Thank you for your inspiration. I was trying to think of new ways to use tags. This helped me get unstuck and think outside of the box. Now I have tons of ideas of how I can repurpose tags. Slidding them into envelopes was brillant.

Jill Norwood

Ahhh penny candies! Love your story Melissa! I have similar memories from my childhood. I always start to think of the Good Humor or Ice Cream Man at this time of the year....he will be cruising our neighborhood very soon! :)

Mens Jeans Distrubutors

Ahhh penny candies... Just beautiful!
I wish I could make such beautiful little treasures!

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