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May 05, 2012


Heather Jensen

Beautiful cards and such a beautiful and heartfelt post. Happy Mother's Day to you! :)

Linda L in Tennessee

What a precious spirit you have; thank you for sharing it with us also.


What a lovely post! Adoption is wonderful. I, like you struggled while other close friends and families grew their own families. With that said... We adopted two children, now adults (time went so fast) and we are so grateful to have been able to love them. Happy Mother's day to you.

Jennifer K

Your posts positively shine with your tenderness and caring attitude. Your little Sierra is one lucky little girl to have you as her mom. My heart goes out to you and your struggles. I can tell you have so much more love to give and others will surely be blessed by it. Thinking of you and wishing you peace.

Vicki - Paper Squirrel

Oh Melissa, you are such a kind and sweet soul. This post brought tears to my eyes...for many reasons that I won't get into...

Your kindness and maternal nature shines through in your beautiful, beautiful creations! I admire each one for several minutes seeing all the amazing details you add to each one. And the layers! Oh, how I love your layering style!

I hope you find peace in your new outlook on what mothering really means. Know that God has a plan for you. The hardest part is accepting that His plan, may not be what you would have planned for yourself. That comes from my heart...I have struggled with that so, so often and still do.

God bless,

Kolleen moss

Such a sweet sweet post! Melissa you are such a caring person. I can recall all the emails I have sent you asking this and that and you always patiently write back answering my silly questions. You are very special to me and I am sure many others who wait for the message that you have a new blog post. Kindness is never forgotten. We love hearing about your bean and her baby chicks or kittens and other animals she loves and Mothers. Happy Mothers Day to you!


Beautiful cards and beautiful post about mothers! I identify with those aching arms, and am SO GRATEFUL God finally chose to give me ONE sweet miracle (my little girl!)....I didn't get the "big family" I longed for, but at least I have one - and she brings such joy to our home!
Wishing you an extra special Mother's Day -- adoptive mommy's are super special in my book!

June K.

Thank you for sharing your touching story of motherhood. I hope you will be having a wonderful Mother's Day next week. BTW, love your cards.

Kristy Schalk

Beautifully written, you touched my soul..and as always, beautiful cards.


Your blog really touched me. It is at this time of year I miss my mama the most :)


A very special post, thank you. Hope you have a delightful Mother's Day.


Thank you for what you wrote. Your art and your writing always touch my heart so strongly. Bless you for all that you do so lovingly and the examples you set. I love what Vickie above wrote about Gods plan. Thanks for sharing and for the beautiful writing that you do. I am always Grateful for having shared your blog everyday. Thanks!

Ros Crawford

Such a beautiful post ... cards an all

ReNae Allen

Again you have touched my heart! I want to share a poem I learned when I was a young mommy. Now I am a (young) Grandma! :-)
"Cleaning and Scrubbing can wait 'til tomorrow,
Cause children grow up (all too quick to our sorrow!)
So, Quiet Down! cobwebs, and Dust, Go to Sleep!
I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep!

love to you,
ReNae in KS

laura huffman

lovely post= cards, sentiments. happy mother's day to come. so glad you've been able to experience this joyous profession. (no I don't consider it a job, so lucky to be a mom). yes i've been blessed also. grateful for my mom, who raised 6 kids. grateful to have been loved by someone who had so much to give. enjoy your family, and cherish your mother's love.
we all need to be reminded of how lucky we are. thanks.

Katrina Turner


I am honoured to have the privilege of reading your heartfelt and honest blog posts. You kind, caring and beautiful personality shines through. Your posts often move me to tears and are very thought provoking and bring about me reflecting on what is really important. So a huge heartfelt thank you. You are a wonderful mother. I hope that one day I am blessed with children and I can be half as good a mother as you are! In the mean time I will open my heart to give as much love as I can to those around me.

Katrina xx

P.s Beautiful cards as always.

Renee VanEpps

There are too few people like you in this world Melissa. I am always happy for loving people that can have multiple children, that goes without saying really... It's the ones that abuse and neglect them that make it all seem so unfair sometimes. Like other posters, I was finally blessed with a child after many, many years of trying and apparently she will be my only one. It does hurt because I never in a million years dreamt of having a single child. My dreams were of children playing together, growing up together, holding them all so close in my arms.. I can't change those dreams, I just try to get through the unexpected tears like you said. I hold the bad feelings inside, and try my hardest not to take it out on those I love. I always think of myself as weak inside because I have so much aching in my heart, but in all reality, it is the strength that gets me through it all. We wouldn't be human without these emotions. We wouldn't be loving and thoughtful people without them. That's the legacy I hope to pass down to my little one. Thank you for your heartfelt words, the inspiration, beauty, & honesty you bring to us in your blog every day. I really loved reading this post, and the quotes you shared. My Cup Runneth Over :)

Christine Dearinger

How lucky is your Mother and the other wonderful ladies in your life!
You really blow me away when you let us see the real person behind the words.A beautiful,giving warm person who would be a treasure to have in your life.I feel very privileged to have read your thoughts.Just be you as you are a wonderful young lady.


Beautiful a beautiful hearted person.

x x x x x x x

Mary Anne Perlmutter

Beautiful words from a Beautiful person. I to have a single and would have loved to had more. Our children are the lucky ones, they know that they are loved and cherished. Happy Mother's Day.

jan m

Your mother's day cards are gorgeous!! Really, really gorgeous! Your heartfelt words will resonate among all who visit. I think you inspire others to be better mothers for their children Melis!
I wish you heaven on earth for Mother's Day!! You and your little bean!


BEAUTIFUL Melissa.. the cards, and the blog posts! I so enjoy visiting you here on the blog.. it makes me SMILE your such a kind caring person, it really shows in your posts!!!! Have a WONDERFUL day!!!


wonderful cards and wonderful post, i find your work so inspiring, please keep it up :) xx

Patty O'Malley

I couldn't have said it better myself! As you know, we share adding to our family through adoption. My son is grown now and look forward to the future while treasuring the present. Just the other day I decided that I would do my best to make each day better than the one before by reaching out to others. I am terribly shy and uncomfortable in new situations; so this will be a goal for me to accomplish. I am lucky to still have both my parents in my life--my sweet mom will be 81 this month. We are going to what has become our annual Mother's Day tea with my aunt/godmother and cousins on Saturday. Your cards are beautiful and your blog is always so inspiring. I hope you have a very happy Mother's Day!


You are such a tender soul Melissa, that's what I love about visiting your blog. We were blessed with one precious son and I was then unable to have more children. I treasure my sweet baby boy who has grown into an incredible man. Hugs to you my friends and wishes for a very happy Mother's Day!

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