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June 28, 2012



Just love all the gorgeous things you make and put a link to your blog on my new blog and hope you think that's oké
Hugs, Ellen

laura huffman

flip flops are fun. memories to cherish, and family to boost us up. keep enjoying your summer.

ReNae Allen

Dearest Melissa,
We have a big get together this weekend too! Ours is a BIG ol' Catholic family--close to one another even though in this day and time many of us live far from each other! Our ancestors came to KS from Germany so long ago, set up roots here and here most of us stayed! We love seeing each other, all 27 first cousins and God knows how many second, third and 4th cousins. The 100+ degree weather won't keep us from reuniting! We are grateful for each other and it is always the time when new and happy memories are made! These are the good ol' days!


Sounds like you had a wonderful time with lovely memories to cherish Melissa. Your cards are darling, love the little lady with her suitcase!

When our son was born we lived in Florida. At two years old he had tiny little flip flops with straps on the back to keep them on! I still have them tucked away for safe keeping.


Oh, I LOVE that second card - those colours are so soothing and beautiful, and you layered everything so perfectly. What a lovely post, as always! :)


Melissa I love your heart and ho you share it with us. Thank you

Candace Jedrowicz

What a lovely story and beautiful work!


I love your 6 flip flops story!
Get out your Papertrey flip flops and make that into a page or card.
BTW my granddaughter calls them
flippy flops!


I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers ( I am the youngest one of eight:)...)We all live in another part of the country and although the Netherlands is not as big as the USA. But I do know the feeling of being homesick. We come together whenver we can and throughout the years that means we see each other two or three times each year. Ahh...getting together as a family; I cherish those days and the memories. And the idea that our parents are watching us from heaven. I know they are proud; including all the nephews and nieces:)

Ooops off track; I'm sorry!I love the cards. The 2nd card is my fave...that color combo and design made me sigh...

Renee VanEpps

You have such an amazing ability to write Melissa - everytime I read your posts that aren't only about crafting, you *put* me where you are with your descriptive story-telling. I felt warm and fuzzy reading about your family outing, made me long for a nice, calm outing with my family :) Anyways, great cards, the second one really speaks to me - LOVE the gorgeous soft color palette, and the stunning light blue pocket is a must have! Off I go to Emma's Paperie!!!

kids flip flops

Feeling homesick is normal to those people that are far from their love ones. So that we need to do some fun stuff that can help to ease those feelings. Like doing this kind of project that can make us busy.

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