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July 07, 2012



Yep. Count me in on the Washi tape addiction. It all started when I received a little roll of music note tape... I would love to receive a pass. Thanks for the opportunity to indulge.

June W

I am new to washi tape. I would love to learn all of facets and ways to use it. a pass would get me started I'm sure it would be great fun. thanks for the opportunity.

Marlou McAlees

Hi Melissa, loving these cute die jar tags and your love of washi tape ... Lol ... Made me giggle as I haven't yet had a washi tape experience ... This is where you giggle ... Lol
Have a fab weekend xxx

Patty O'Malley

I've never seen or had the opportunity to use washi tape. It's all new to me. I am curious about the ways to use it.

Julia P

Love your jar tags! I have started a collection of washi tape but have yet to use it in my projects. This upcoming mini meetings sounds like the ticket for me. Thanks for the chance to win!!


I feel honored that you feel one of us is Washi Tape worthy! I don't know if there is a 12 step program for this addiction yet...maybe we could start one!!! Your little jar tags are just adorable, and so are you!!!
Crafty Hugs,

Janet B

What a beautiful set! I really love it. Thanks for the chance to win. I've only used washi tape once and I can see that it could easily become a go-to embellishment.


The jar cards are adorable! I'm not going to classify myself as an addict yet but I am slowly amassing a small collection of washi tape! I'm teetering on the edge, however!

Marianne Grimbly

Hi Melissa
I love your work! I can always spot it immediately when I see it in magazines. I love the little jar tags...they are too cute. I must confess that I have not played around with washi tape as of yet. I guess I will have to see what all the fuss is about! Thanks for sharing (even if it's just in a blog) your washi tape with us.

Stephanie S.

As always you have outdone yourself. These are fantastic. Your work is so pretty. Please keep sharing.


Lovely tags and full of pattern and color. Love them. I personally have never tried washi tape but am dying to when I save enough. I have an addiction to spending. I like tissue tape which may be similar. Looking forward to trying some sometime. Thanks for the inspiration.

Carolyn R.

LOL! i'd totally give up my french fries before sharing washi tape. I love the post that you did with the butterflies made with lots of different washi!!! i'm still looking to add to my collection as it is very small. :) thanks for a give-away!

Kolleen moss

I too love Washi tape! I have several rolls, some of which I purchased at Freckled Fawn, which I purchased after your first post about FF. I would love to win your contest but I enjoy just having a chance. Thank you so very much for the opportunity!


I have never used washi tape. So I am not addicited yet. Can't wait to check the ways to use it. Thanks.

Brenda Lubrant

I love, love washi tape. I really love to use them on masculine cards. Also, I use them every which way on my altered canvases and altered art journal pages. I love your idea of using washi tape for hangers on your tags. I will try that technique.

Laurie Hunt

My name is Laurie and I AM a wash tape addict. I don't share my tape with anyone, but that's because I don't let it come out of it's storage basket because if I did, I would use it. If I use it, I might use it up, not to mention, someone else might want to use some and I cannot have that. I finally decided just a couple of weeks ago that I was going to use some on two graduation cards. It looked fabulous. And, I still have some. Not sure what my fears were about, but maybe I'll even use some again. Sometime. Not too soon. I don't want to run out.

Linda Patterson

Hi Melissa...I am Linda and I too am a washi tape addict! So glad there's a place for us! Love your work always..and love the colors of your tapes on your blog today. Would love to win the pass to the Washi Tape Anonymous group...Thank you...:) Linda

Chere M.

I love your tags and your love for washi tape. It is so easy to become addicted to our supplies in this hobby. I have been adding to my washi tape collection and would love the oppotunity to add some more. Have a great day and I hope nobody touches your fries or washi tape.

Laura Ann

I have not started a washi tape collection yet; but would love to get one started so I too could become addicted!!!
Love all your projects...thanks for the chance to win!

Holly Saveur

So cute the tags...confession Washi addicted too here!Started with six only 2 months ago ..have 32 now...they are so great ..and love all the different designs and colors!
Love the picnic one you ordered too very much!

Jennyfer L

Hey Melissa, I can understand your addiction to washi tape! Its like a love affair! I myself have heard a lot about them but do not have any on hand right now.

Thanks for the chance to win some washi tape so that I can start my addiction :-P

margie davidson UK

Tee hee Melissa, I thought I was the only one with an addiction to washi tape! I've got one collection that I share and another that nobody gets their hands on! My DIL is Japanese so when she went home for a visit you can guess what I asked her to bring back for me! Yep - even more washi tape and its gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the projects using it. Hugs, Margie

Jill Norwood

Melis - this post made me smile! Love your adorable tags and I am starting to get addicted to washi...there is a new picnic plaid? That sounds like a must have for me too! I have yet to use my tapes seriously so I am looking forward to a pass and 31 days of washi ideas! What fun! :)

Bev Karolak

I have a "little" stash of washi tape, but I can't bring myself to use any of it!!! I would love to be part of the WTA meetings.I'm sure I would get plenty of inspiration from them to finally take the plunge and actually "UN-ROLL" my tape. Yikes....that sounds scary!!!


Well, ya know ... I love Washai Tapes (from afar) but I just can't quite get into them. Why? Because I just don't know how - YET. Sounds like I need to go to the workshops. And I will.

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