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July 24, 2012


Susan Beauchaine

You always AMAZE me! Your blog is pure eye~candy! These pin cushions are FABULOUS!
Thanks for your awesome SAF projects and the sweet comment you left on my blog!

Becky Elliott

LOVE all your pincushions, Melissa!! Just beautiful!

Jill Norwood

These are so fun! Love the colors on all of them - the gypsy ones made me smile big just from the bright colors! Your talent is so amazing! I just love visiting your blog! :)

Patty O'Malley

Be still my heart! You know how I love your pin cushions. These are so beautiful!

Paula Barin

These pincushions are fabulous!! I love all the colours.

Jennifer K

Splendidly lovely! Every single last one of them.


Gor-jus!!! And I also love how those flowers ruffled up!!


These are a delight Melissa!!


just when Im having a bad day WHAMMO something irrisistable to think about :) LOVE THEM

wendee deal

would you describe how you scrunch seam binding to make it look like a flower? I've tried and it doesn't turn out. Thank you. I LOVE your blog and the beautiful things you make.

Jessie McLaughlin

Just delightful Melis!! Love them!!


Oh, these are SO perfect and lovely!! I always love your pincushions, because they are always the cutest little things!


I couldn't resist..a special treat just for me. Your delightful blog helps me thru many tough days lately. Thanks so much.

June K.

Your pin cushions are just gorgeous. So so pretty.

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Melissa your pincushions... I know you love red and the "gypsies" are a piece of heaven. These colors go so well together and all the gorgeous bits and pieces you wow wow. I can't come up with a better comment :)

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Love these! Melissa Frances is my favorite product line.

écharpe burberry

wow these projects are fun

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