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August 26, 2012



just wait until she leaves for college - everyone would say how great it was to be empty nesters -well, it was HORRIBLE when our last child left - especially our only daughter . . . when I look back at all of the years I gave 100% of my time & energy to my family, I wish I would have taken a little more time for myself - you'll be fine . . . there are many seasons to our lives - find something new to look forward to/something new to learn/set some new goals for yourself :)


Melissa, you are a great success with your family, your home and your professional life. We all have down days I guess we just have to dust ourselves down and keep going. Bad or tough days are sure to pass. There are always good days on the horizon. Just grab those opportunities. They are all around us. Your brother sounds like a great guy. As he says in the second paragraph of his first post " I’ve decided that laughter truly is the best medicine." Talk to a friend who makes you laugh, watch a funny movie, read a funny book. You're precious. Take care of yourself.

Ros Crawford

It's comforting to know that others feel as I have done since my son grew up ... I love him with all my heart and know he loves me ... but sometimes ... well lots of times ... my arms feel empty and I feel redundant as a Mum ... the other evening my son and I talked into the early hours and it made me realise I will never be redundant ... neither will you ... have a lovely day and thanks for sharing your feelings and making me feel 'normal' ...

Patty O'Malley

My son is 22 now and doesn't seem to need me as much, but there are moments when it is just the two of us spending time together such as Friday night when he could be out with friends, he stayed home with me and watched a movie together. I know he needs to spread his wings, but it is hard to let go.
Your cards are breathtaking--exactly the style I love. I could look at them forever from the beautiful images to the bows to the touches of glitter. Have a wonderful day!

liz droege

oh melissa two amazing cards that say melis, how lovely the melissa francis is soooo pretty... i'm so glad you are feeling better... my youngest daughter is 16 soon to be 17 and this transition is to me the most difficult...i dream of days gone by and spend lots of time with tears but in my heart i know i've truly done my best and enjoyed every second...and moving forward it's just as wonderful but different... taking the moments one day at a time and cherishing them all... wish i had realized this years ago...
love your work...always an inspiration and joy...

Cathy Gomes

Hi Melissa.... You and I are in a similar position right now! Our second son just moved out to attend college. He's 21 almost 22 so even when he was living here we hardly ever saw him. It's just the matter he's not here. When you have had your kids around this long living under your roof it's really an empty nest when they're gone. What to do with myself is now the question? My husband works 20+ hours a week so a lot of my days are home alone....I look at it this way... More time to enjoy my Scraploft! Thank you for your uplifting words, inspiration and beautiful cards!

Carrie T

Melissa, I started reading your blog when I discovered PTI back in 2008 and I've admired your work. Over time as you began sharing bits and pieces of your life, I couldn't believe how much of what you shared were so much like my own feelings. It's nice to know that I'm not alone with some of those feelings. Thanks for sharing.

Cindy Otto

Thanks for sharing your feelings. I, too, have felt this way lately and am so thankful for this wonderful craft that we share. It is a truly rewarding way to escape the sadness. I'm a mother of 4 and grandmother of 11 and feel totally blessed, but there are times I feel sad, that my life is in the later years. Everyone is busy going about life and I, too, need to find ways to keep busy. Crafting and sharing that craft with others, is a great release. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents. I made your zucchini muffins the other day and gave some to each family. You are the best! Have a great day!!!!!

Troy Louise

After reading your blog for several years, I feel as though you are a kindred spirit. I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed by my need to be constantly doing for my family. But, it's our way of showing them our love & feeling loved in return. You have an over abundance of love, spirituality, & creativity. Your family & we, your blog friends, are very blessed to have you in our lives. You inspire us daily. I understand the loneliness when our child is gone from us. My son is just home from 4 years away at school, our visits were brief, but thankfully our strong bond is intact. I survived & am one very proud Mom to have helped shape his path to a successful life. So glad you are feeling better today & thank you for the beautiful cards. Big Hugs.

Sheila Smith

Beautiful cards, I really Love your style and Always enjoy visiting your blog! Your creations really inspire me and your positive attitude and outlook on life make me want to strive to be a better person. Keep doing what you're doing and stay strong, I know the little ones growing up and becoming more independent is difficult but it seems to me the more they grow the closer I feel to my girls. She will always need you no matter how old she gets. Good Luck! Keep Smiling.

Jill Norwood

I have just 1 week until my son goes back to school and I know that I will be feeling many of the exact same feelings very shortly!

Bless you Melissa and thanks for sharing your beautiful cards and thoughts and feelings with us all!


Hi Melissa! After reading your blog I want you know that you are a special person! One of a kind and so talented! Your creations are breathtaking and so unique. You have the love of a very sweet daughter and husband and they you. I have a 29-year-old daughter that is everything to me also. I wish I had 100 more like her. Keep up the good work, remember how special you are! Your fan, Carol Merritt

Candace Jedrowicz

How very lovely!

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Oh how I really love your creation, very beautiful.

Renee VanEpps

I am always amazed at how your thoughts and feelings about your family speak right to my heart! It feels better to realize I'm not the only one that has such a jumble of emotions, so much love and sometimes sadness at the same time. It's quite obvious from reading the comments that your expressions here touch so many mothers, young and old. I'm sure the other ladies are right when they say that our children will always need us :) Our girls are lucky to have moms like us...when I think of the children that don't have that kind of love and devotion, it breaks my heart. Big hugs to you!!

Hird Ginn

It is therefore true that no man is an island. We are what we are because of having so many people around us. There are things that only they can make. We should not deny that fact. We need those people for us to be happy and healthy.

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