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September 05, 2012


Troy Louise

This brings a smile to my face & a little tear to my eye. What a wonderful match! Happy, happy birthday Sierra & happy, happy special mama day to you! Hugs.

Vanessa Menhorn

Happy Birthday Sierra! She couldn't be more blessed to have a Mama like you, Melis <3

Jinny Newlin

What a beautiful post, Melissa! TFS! And a big happy birthday to your beautiful Sierra!


Such a beautiful post. Happy Birthday to your lily bean!

Holly Saveur

Happy Birthday to you and your sweet daughter!
Loved the poems..and your post..thanks for sharing this.

Kolleen moss

She is beautiful! What a joy!

Sara Spencer

Thank you for sharing this beautifully written post. It made my heart swell with love for my own to boys. Children are such a gift and your words just underscored it so wonderfully. Happy birthday to your little girl. :)


She is such a beauty. Love her smile!

Michelle collins

Your post is beautiful and really touched my heart, I love the scrap booking pages you have created of her.
Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter and a very happy day to you also Melissa you are such a wonderful , caring mother x

Yvette E

Melissa as the mother of 2 adopted children I love your post....


What a beautiful post from a very (lucky) LOVING mother. That last photo is stunning! She is growing so fast - keep making those happy precious memories! bx

ReNae Allen

Your touching post reminds all of us of what a tremendous gift children can be in our lives! For me, your words took me back to when my own (now grown up) kids were small, they were my reason for living! Each and every day was a new adventure, a new challenge, a new memory.
Now that they have left my nest, and are building their own, I think back on those days when I never had enough time in the day to get everything done, when my house was all a-clutter with toys, games, and school projects, when I got little sleep and worked 2 jobs-so the kids could have school clothes. I remember now with fondness those summertime camping trips sleeping in the tent we put up, laughing at how it leaned to one side...
Thank you for re-opening this porthole to the past, and in doing so, allowing me to look to the future, because now I have a sweet baby grandson!
Yes the torch is passed! I can't wait to experience those happy childhood experiences with him, but this time from a Grandma's point of view!
Happy Birthday to your Lily Bean Sierra, and my warmest hugs go out to you, because you always show us the loveliness that's right in front of our eyes! With admiration and much love, I thank you for all your loving posts, and for sharing them with us!


Beautiful post. Your daughter is lovely! Adoption is AMAZING. We were blessed twice through adoption.


Totally warms my heart to read your posts about adopting your baby girl. She is so blessed to have you. Hopefully, I can have that same joy you have!

Patty O'Malley

Awww...what precious photos and projects! Having created our family through adoption, I know the incredible blessing you feel. Happy Birthday (a bit late) to sweet Sierra! I've always thought it would be wonderful to camp out under the stars, but I'm a bit of a chicken!


she is lovely and so are you.

Jessie McLaughlin

Melis beautiful post! Happy Birthday to Sierra!

Vicki - Paper Squirrel

Melissa, this such a beautiful post. I'm so happy that Sierra's birth mother chose to give her to a such a loving home. My own family is also blessed with dad was adopted, as was one of my sisters and my brother. This post warmed my heart.
God bless!


Precious and priceless was this post Melissa. The happiest of birthday wishes to your baby girl!


Happy birthday lil bean! May you enjoy being 9.


Sierra is very lucky to have you as a mom! Happy Birthday Sierra!


0mg Melissa, i just cried .
Happy birthday to the most beautiful lilly bean

Jill Norwood

If ever you have those moments of your spirit being sad just look to this post and see the beautiful Mommy that I see with an incredible capacity for love!!! When my husband died of cancer I realized how very BIG each person's spirit is! We do not understand what an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL impact our spirits have on those around us until we are gone and they feel the pain of our HUGE loss in their lives. It is a huge gaping hole because the spirits and souls that God has given each of us are so unbelievably amazing!

You are such a special woman with beautiful and amazing talents and views of the world that you share with all of us. Happy Birthday to sweet Lily Bean Sierra and Happy becoming a Mommy Day to you!!!! Thank you for this lovely post!!!

caz hancock

Happy birthday sweet girl, Love how you spent your birthday. Your post is just precious :)

Christine Dearinger

Happy Birthday are a fortunate little lady to have parents who love you so much.Melisa you are a great example of what a Mother should be.I know you never leave anything unsaid.....keep up the wonderful work.

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