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November 01, 2012


maria f.

How gorgeous your creations are! Thanks for sharing some of your new-found knowledge about the Jewish religion.

Patty O'Malley

Beautiful cards, Melis! The colors are so pretty.

Nancy S

Love, love, love both cards! The Hanukkah circle card is especially eye catching. I'm gonna have to try this one right away.

Joyce Mehrberg

These are absolutely brilliant and gorgeous. I love how you incorporated so many other colors. Blue and white is traditionally used for Chanukah, because those are the colors of the Israeli flag--but you have no idea how boring that gets, year after year. Thank you for showing me how to spice it up with festive colors. And, you are right--L'Shana Tovah is said on Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and it literally means A Good Year--you are wishing someone a happy new year.


Gorgeous cards! Love you color choices!

Kelly Schirmer

I love that Happy Hanukkah card, so beautiful!

boutique air max

Först av allt vill jag säga fantastiskt blogg! Jag hade en snabb fråga som jag skulle vilja fråga om ni inte har något emot. Jag var intresserad av att ta reda på hur du centrera dig själv och rensa dina tankar innan du skriver. Jag har haft svårt att rensa mina tankar att få mina idéer ut. Jag verkligen inte tycker om att skriva men det verkar bara som de första 10 till 15 minuter i allmänhet bortkastade försöker bara lista ut hur man ska börja. Några idéer eller tips? Tack!

Annie solomon

I know this post is years old, so you may not see it, but I wanted to thank you and paper tray ink for the fabulous Jewish cards. I see so little Jewish - themed cards, so this was truly wonderful. I'm off to see if I can get my hands on these old stamp sets!

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