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November 06, 2012



Congrats on your husbands birthday! Wishing you a day filled with lots of happiness and moments to cherish:) Your card is amazing. I love the vibrant colors. It has a gorgeous vintage touch; your design is fabulous. As usual!

Karen Letchworth

....and here I thought I was gonna get another opportunity today to vote for Mitt Romney! Oh well, I had fun voting anyway!
P.S. Happy B-day wishes to you hubbers.

Patty O'Malley

Pretty card! I hope your husband has a wonderful birthday!

Ali Behan

Happy Birthday to Mr. Melissa. Hope he has a great day with his two favourite girls :-)


very cute card !!!

Kolleen moss

I never would have thought to use orange and red. Brilliant!

Alessandra Loiacono

Happy Birthday to your hubby Melis!! It sounds like you will have a fun day today!! Have fun!!

Laura Huffman

happy birthday to your hubby. we (my husband and I) celebrate 25 years today. the snow was gently falling as we came out of the church. glad you're sharing the importance of voting with Sierra, and glad she wanted to join in. praying for your country and many others. enjoy the week.

Holly Saveur

Such a happy cheerful card..LOVE it!

Holly Saveur

Oh forgot to say HAPPY Birthday to your your Husband ..hope he has a great day!
Hugs Holly.

Paper Profusion

This card is so happy and cheerful - love it! Nicola x

Nora Anne

What a bright and beautiful card :) I just read your post in regards to the new journey you are beginning! How wonderful and exciting for you and your family. The love you have for your daughter bursts right through the computer screen every time I read your blog and some little baby out there will be so lucky to feel that love one day soon! We are lucky to have one amazing 6 year old boy. We lost 3 babies and I miss them each and every day. I am 5 months pregnant now and pray every day that this baby will join our family. The loss of a baby or the absence of one that you have wished and prayed for is such a difficult thing to bear. I am so happy that you have your faith, a wonderfully supportive husband and your little Bean to lean on! As well as your mom to say just what you need to hear! Enjoy your journey and look forward to sharing your love with a new little bundle of joy soon!

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