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January 26, 2013


Ros Crawford

BEautiful post .. Belated Birthday wishes ... such a lovely photo


Thanks for sharing this little pearls in the life of your daughter. And your card is a beauty! Something totally different than we are used to see from your crafty hands, but it's lovely! Thanks for inspiring and happy belated birthday!

Patty O'Malley

Love the card and sentiment. It's good to take the photos like you shared to remember these times. I never thought to document the little things when my son was small--I thought I would always remember them which I do to an extent but I'm sure not most of it. Comes back in flashes every once in awhile! I tell him no matter how old he gets, he'll always be my little boy. Sweet birthday photo, too, of two beautiful (inside and out) people.


To be so loved, cared for cannot ever be taken for granted!
This post brought tears to my eyes!
I'm adopted myself (from South-Korea)and I can relate to your stories.
I do love your craftwork by the way, they are sooo inspiring, but also because you create with your heart!
Thanks for sharing.
Your daughter will also remember the times you sat down in the closet next to her and had those little chats with her when she felt so miserable.
You're a great mother!!

Bye and a Big Dutch Hug from the Netherlands,



A beautiful post. Love your photos:-) The photo of you and your daughter is precious:-) Happy belated birthday and thank you for the beauty you bring when I click on your blog. Blessings!


what a wonderful post! These are the daily things I try and stop and absorb like a sponge. 9 is awesome. TFS My 42 candles did not fit LOL. Card is beautiful.

Cindy H.

I love your sweet and lovely card and the precious picture of you and your daughter. Happy belated birthday!!


Beautiful card - love the sentiment. I always took pictures of my children when they were yound. So glad I did- I lost my firstborn 10 yrs ago when he was 22 yrs old and I am still always pulling out those pictures! One day I hope to scrapbook some of them!

Kolleen moss

I love this post! As I have mentioned to you before I am the proud mom of 3 grown sons and 2 precious grandsons. I have longed for a girl for so long. I am waiting for a granddaughter someday. Love the doll picture. The Lord gave me boys for a reason but my oh my I do love girls. Have a blessed Sunday!

Kelly Schirmer

Awww! I love your little still shots of 9-year old life! I have a 9 year old too...and a 7 year old (she's the drama queen at our house). They are upstairs playing "Big Eyed Stuff Animals" (have you seen those Beanie Boos? I think they are ugly, giggle!!) Can I just say that Sierra looks SO much like you...whenever I see her picture I think THIS was meant to be :) XO

Nancy G

Happy Birthday! Your pictures are wonderful and ideas to keep your memories fresh are great. Thanks for posting. Love to see you both in a beautiful picture together.

jan m

Who wouldn't want to receive a card like that! There is the love you spoke of on a recent post!!!

Rachel Greig

You two are so cute!! :):) Happy Birthday Melis!!!

Marci C

I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! I loved the picture of you and your daughter!! You both are just too cute!! Loved the sentiment on the card too. My favorite thing about every one of your creations is they each come from your heart. Love that!!

Sheila R

What a beautiful photo of you and your daughter. Hope your birthday was wonderful.

Alessandra Loiacono

Beautiful post Melis. Happy Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had an awesome time!
You two are SO beautiful!!!!! I gotta say, she looks just like you, so precious!
I wish you all the love, health and happiness!
Xoxo, Ale


A darling card and a darling post Melissa! Love the photos and Happy belated Birthday wishes to you ;)


You know, I really need to take your cue - Emma is always improvising with her toys, and setting up plays and shops (today she was setting up a library), and I don't take nearly the number of pictures I should.

What a beautiful photo of you both, and she is adorable! I love reading your posts about being her mother - it's inspiring. I love my baby girls so much, but you really remind me to cherish the moments that are so easy to miss!

Holly Saveur

Such a sweet photo of the two of you...

Jill norwood

Love your sweet and simple card!!! It is the perfect sentiment and the buttons are adorable! Love the everyday photos too! I need to do more of this too! My Tim was not into his homework today hard to do it when he could be playing.....

Happy birthday Melissa! I celebrated my 47th on the 14th! We are both January girls! :)

Diane Jaquay

What a SWEET post, Melissa! I've been through "9 years old" twice now, and it's definitely a golden age (the pre teen attitude hasn't set in yet, ha ha). Good on you for taking pictures of the everyday moments. I (and my children), treasure the pictures I've taken over the years. Because we do forget, sadly, many of the little blessings and tidbits and moments that make up the fabric of our lives. Capturing them allows us to hold on to them and look back again and again. The photo of the 2 of you is beautiful, btw! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Beautiful!Both of you...

Troy Louise

Oh Melissa, reading your blog brings such sweetness to my life. Love the picture of the 2 of you. You are such a special Mom. Hugs.


The card is so sweet!! The fact that youa re sahring your photos with 'snippets'of your daily life is lovely to look at. I really enjoyed reading this post. Beautiful photo of you and Sierra. And reading about homework...ahhh


sorry for the bad typing:)

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