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January 29, 2014


laura H

congrats HOlly. Love all you do Melissa, keep playing. We've had those stay in and enjoy the heat sort of days. school buses cancelled, no traffic, wind so strong you can barely stand. the kind of day to pop popcorn and drink hot chocolate. kids are having a ball. hope you get one soon.


oh melissa, your cards are beautiful! they would surely take the january blues away!

Becky Green

CONGRATULATIONS HOLLY!!!!!!!!:) LEARN ALOT & make us PROUD!!!!!!:) OH, & HAVE FUN TOO!!!!!!!!:)LOL

GORGEOUS CARDS MELISSA!!!!!!!!!:) LOOOOOOVE the blue colors you've chosen for your cards!& the LOVELY LITTLE FLOWERS! You've DEFINATELY CHASED "the blues" away for us with these BEAUTIES!!!!!!!!!:) & I DARE SAY, Holly doesn't have "the blues!" :)

Elizabeth S.

Gorgeous!! Love the softness of the blues you chose.

Katie Sims

A beautiful card, Melissa! Love all of the blues...I think we have traded weather because we have the snow right now which is extremely rare here! I am enjoying a snow day today complete with fire in the fireplace and pot of soup on the stove....:)

Troy Louise

Very pretty. I love the "can" vase. And, fabric frames? They look adorable. You might get your wish for snow & cold - we are getting it today finally!


Blue is my favorte color; I already have your handmade gems on my Pinterest board:). What I love about these cards is that you have an eye to mix up supplies from different brands. They are such a lovely match. Various shades of blue and I love how these cards turned out. Always good to be here; a great moment to sit down and enjoy!

Patty O'Malley

Lovely cards as always, Melis! We have been having a lot of snow and extreme cold this winter, but I love it! I will especially remember these days when the heat and humidity of summer hits!


I am no longer allowed to visit your blog. Each time I'm here, I see another creation that mixes items in such a way that I am tempted to buy the product. I just finished (well, almost) reorganizing and am not allowed to buy another thing. Would you make something ugly for a change? I would be most appreciative. ;-)

PS - I'd be happy, so happy, to send our very wintery weather your way. I've had enough cold weather and am waiting for spring with open arms.


Those are some beautiful winter blues! Just so drawn in by the flowers and the sweetness of it all....Ahhhhhhhhh!


Like both cards, Melissa but the second one really rocked my boat! :) Love it. We just had a week of near and below zero temps and are due for up to 7" of snow by Sat. afternoon. If you wanna come to Chicago-land for a visit, let me know. I'll be glad to make you some hot chocolate to enjoy by the fire. Hee. :D

Holly Saveur

Such very sweet cards....and love Blue!
Thanks so very much for winning Melis.....

Eileen Nielsen

If you want to come SE of Detroit you can enjoy some below zero temps and lots of snow and wind. Been that way all JAN.!! Love your cards Melissa- every one of them. Blue is my favorite color, these are gorgeous as usual.LOVED ALL the Valentines.

Jill norwood

Melissa these are so pretty! I love the fabric frames and spring flowers! Here in Seattle I did my first garden clean-up since Autumn as my daffodils, crocus etc are starting to poke their shoots up! I even found some tiny white snowbells blooming. I too would love some snowy days but feel bad too for those that are enduring bitter cold and rough conditions!


Oh Melissa, these are SO beautiful! THey take my breath away!


Congrats on the new design team! They are so lucky to have you.
I have to ask though.. where do you live?? If I were you I wouldn't be talking too much about how warm and wonderful January was when the eastern half of the country has been in the deep freeze!
Hope you get a taste of winter, and send some of that sunshine to Ohio, please.

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