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February 08, 2014


jan metcalf

So many new products at once! What fun! Looking forward to all the 'monthly moments' with you, posting the sweet moments of life!

Becky Green

I never did Scrapbooking when our kids were little OR stamping! Course, it really only came to be when our kids were nearly out of Elementary School.:( I've never felt I liked Scrapbooking---not sure why, BUT I think I could handle THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!Little bites of time to capture on SWEET LITTLE CARDS LIKE THIS! :)I dare say, it MIGHT BE HARD to keep these little cards in their places!!! (Little hands trying to carry them off!!! ) :) THAT'S what our kids would have tried! :) I AM INTERESTED in seeing what all THIS RELEASE will be like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) (What's the difference in the OLD Library card stamp & DIE & the NEW? )I LOVE what you've done with this!!!!!!!! (AND your little photo of the horse on the piano!) :) P.S. THANKS FOR YOUR SWEET NOTE!!!:) You're SUCH A SWEETIE!!!! THAT SWEETNESS is what keeps people coming back!!!!;)THAT is what our world needs!!!!!!! GENUINE LOVE!!!!!!:)


So completely completely beautiful Melis. I {heart} it all. So precious.

Lea Sorley

I have been wanting to try the Simple Stories Snap albums and this has given me the needed nudge to plunge in! I love your take on the idea! One question, how did you print your journaling on your notecards?

Patty O'Malley

This kit and what you did with it is beautiful! It has a bit more of a dainty look to it which I love. So different from the ordinary project life kits out there.


Love your pocket pages!! I have been doing PL for 2 years and am trying to scrap the thousands of photos I have of my 4 children's growing up years that way- what a task!! I share your feeling about wishing you had taken more ordinary shots of your kids when they were small instead of just the 'big event days'. Wouldn't you love to have an album like this of what your grandmother's life was like when she was a young mother? I know I would, but maybe I'm just too nosy! Have a great weekend!

Diana K

So fabulous! Love your photos (Sierra is the cutest thing ever!) and the beautiful details that you worked into your pages.


Oh yes, all these little moments that can be so easy to forget - you have done a beautiful job of starting to capture them! No sweet littles for me, but I started keeping a running note on my phone to write down when Husband or other loved ones say something I want to remember so I can journal them later. You always pick the most delightful accessories & embellishments for your projects - such a lovely inspiration you are!

Linda Nicholson

Such beautiful pages Melissa! I am so looking forward to this monthly series and gaining inspiration from all of you talented ladies!


Elizabeth S.

Your pages are beautiful! So many things that will help me do something with my pictures.


Precious moments, wonderful pages and journaling to capture them. :)


Monthly Moments by you; I knew you would come up with something stunning! That photo of Sierra is wonderful; she looks so happy! A wonderful way to capture daily bits and pieces. My favorite piece of these moments you are sharing is that little horse on the piano. Daily life with children; you can find their presence everywhere. ( My oh my time flew by...they are grown up now....)

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