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July 01, 2014


Yvonne Yam

Happy birthday to you! Hope you enjoy your 40s! I'm not there yet so I can't tell you about marvelous life lessons...but women are like wine, we get better with age. *winks* And looking 29 isn't bad either!

 Taylor B

40s are the best! You'll see...I actually look better in my 50s than I did in my late 30's and its true that age is just a number :) I've been enjoying your art for some time now and look forward to see what you dream up in the many days ahead, Happy Birthday!!!

Ros Crawford

Happy Happy Birthday!!


Hope you had a GDREAT Birthday! Love your creativeness.

Connie G

Happy Birthday Melissa!! 40 is not so bad... wait till 50!! And carrot cake is my absolute favorite!!!


Happy Birthday. I think 40 is great. My kids became more independent and my time freed up. The older the kids get the more great discussions we get to have. And a little bit of free time isn't bad, either.

Patty O'Malley

Happy Birthday, Melis! I wish you all the best. Having hit the big 60, I realize that it is a privilege to be able to grow older. I also realize that while my younger years held many happy moments, there were also difficult times. I enjoy the fact of seeing things much clearer now that I am older--wish I had some of this wisdom when I was younger! Embrace this time in your life--so much more awaits you.


Happy Birthday Melissa, I hope your day is filled with blessings and love!

Marcia Hill

Happy, happy Birthday Melissa! I hope you had a wonderful day and that there was some chocolate cake involved! (my favorite is red velvet...LOVE cream cheese and chocolate together!!) 40 really isn't that bad, in fact I loved my 40's! Just keep being creative, and most of all enjoy being a wife and mom! :0)

laura H

Happy Birthday!!!!! 40,not much different than 30. Easy peasy. Those are my words of wisdom (I'm not very wise), but I am happy. Enjoy life, every minute of it. Laugh at yourself a lot, even when you're alone and thinking about something totally wacko. Like right now. As far as cake, chocolate for sure, from scratch, with a little ice cream on the side. Hope your day was special.

Marcie Rhys

Love these cards, Mel. 'My Favorite Things' stamps and dies are a sensational fit with your artistic sensibilities. I have some of their older sets (second hand), and they are some of my favorites. All those different patterned and sized triangles are a lot of fun. I'm really digging your arrangements of shapes into circles, and must give that a try as well. (After the 4th, when I'm tired of cleaning up after the party, and I have some 'me' time.)

When I turned 40, it was the best. People used to treat it like you had lost your youth. I think your 40s are the best years of your life, because you are young, and you have all the wisdom of those 40 years to help you make the most of them. I had a pretty tame youth, but it is wonderful to have all that world knowledge and breadth of experience under my belt, and not need to visit those lessons again.

I'd say your joie-de-vivre will keep you young for a very long time. Happy Birthday to a warm and very talented muse!

Jennifer Scull

sending you big bright birthday wishes!

I just turned 50 a few weeks ago, so know what hitting a milestone is like. seems you start to put things in a bit more of a perspective and realize what is really important to you. life is not so much about the things, but the people around you.

find joy every day. God sets it before you, if we just open our eyes to it. :)


Happy birthday! The 40s are great, but I can tell you they flew by for me (I turned 50 last year). So my advice is to slow down and enjoy every single little minute!

Pat H

Happy Birthday!! I never would have guessed you to be turning 40. Just enjoy every day and remember no matter how old you are, it's better than the alternative! have a great day!


Happy birthday Melissa!!! Enjoy life as always and at 40 you are a lot more confident and you want to do more with life! Chocolate cake is the best with some cream on the side!! Perfect birthday cake after all!!! - Katerina


Happy birthday, Melissa. Hope your day is as sweet as you are.

Sue M

Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a fabulous day!! I love your beautiful cards and following your blog!

Cindy H.

Happy Birthday, Melissa! Age is just a number, it's how old you feel inside that matters.

Jill norwood

Happy Birthday Melissa! I hope your year is full of blessings my dear!! Your sweet creations bring so much joy to my spirit! Know that you are a blessing to me! :). As for cake: I love white cake with vanilla frosting and fresh raspberries! But I also love homemade German chocolate cake too! So hard to choose.....then there is your Mom's chocolate cake which sounds wonderful!! Hmmmm.....I think I need some cake! Lol! My little one turns 10 on July 10th so I will be having some soon! Thank goodness! Enjoy your year!
Hugs! Jill

Jean R-T

Happy Birthday Melissa! I hope you enjoy your forties as much as I enjoy your fabulous creations!

Becky P.

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I turned 40 this year as well, and instead of mourning the milestone I embraced it. My new mantra is 40 and fabulous! I am trying really hard to do things for me this year, express myself when I feel the need, and be grateful for all that I have and for all the people I love. You are such an inspiration with all of your projects and I smile every time I visit your blog.

Stacy S

Happy Birthday! I'm 40 also. I say enjoy life at each age. And thank God daily for good health.

White cake poked with strawberry jello and cool whip on top is my fav!

Jennifer K

Happy birthday! Welcome to the 40 and fabulous club! I wish I had some marvelous knowledge to dispense but I'll be honest that it's been a bit of a struggle to come to terms with growing older and realizing that maybe life isn't going the way I hoped or dreamed and figuring out how to be content with that while still realizing that I'm not dead yet and I still have many more (God willing) wonderful years to live fully (wow, what a long, run-on sentence!) So, I'll just say I love chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and a side of ice cream. Yum!

betty lou

Birthday blessings, Melissa! I smile when I remember turning 40...I felt so old! I'm now 56 and filled with joy that only comes through Christ Jesus! I'm retired and blessed with 3 grandkids, a wonderful church, and a home in the country with the hubby and critters! Trust Him, and enjoy His goodness! (I would love a big piece of my Me-Maw's strawberry cake!)

Lyndsay, UK

Happy Birthday! I was 40 last year and spent most of it in the hospital having chemo for bone cancer. Not a great time but has made me realise that age IS just a number. I feel better than ever and so much more relaxed about the little things in life that really don't matter. When you have had no hair at all, there are NO bad hair days - Hurray! Have a great time and enjoy. xx

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