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June 10, 2016


Troy Louise

Gorgeous cards!Love that fun hot air balloon. So sorry about your back. My only solution is to keep moving the best that you can. I hope the chiropractor can help. Big Hugs!

Patty O'Malley

What pretty, sweet cards, Melis! The only thing I know of that relieves back pain is rest and time. Hope you feel better soon.

Diane from MN

I've had good luck with chiropractic treatments for back pain. Haven't needed it often, but when I did it helped greatly. Hope you find the same to be true!


Did you ever try Tiger Balm?


LOVELY cards! Many yrs ago when I pulled muscles in mylower back, my ortho told me to alternate ice packs and heating pad, 20 min each for 80 min. Rest 20 min, then get up and walk around but when it hurts, stop. He said sometimes people think they're not really "working" it or out unless it hurts when realistically, our bodies have built-in "sensors" to tell us when it hurts and we need to heed the warning and stop whatever we're doing that causes the pain. I've always remembered that. I did the 80 min routine four times a day for two days and felt a lot better. I hope if you try it, you will have good results. Note that camping--hard sleeping surfaces, lots of physical labor and tasks, walking on uneven terrain--all of those things are NOT conducive to healing muscle pain or even keeping it from recurring or getting better. BE wise and be careful. Muscles can go from pulled or hurting to damaged and the only "fix" is surgery or there simply isn't one and the pain is life-long. Oh, another thing he told me that I did is to put a pillow behind my knees when I was laying down ... at whatever height makes your back feel more comfortable. Best of luck and Godspeed. :)


Beautiful card as always! For back pain I have always seen a chiropractor. Not all are the same. Find one that works for you! Cold packs help, so does sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees. Bend your knees though. Camping probably is going to be hard on your back so if you can cancel, it might be a good idea. Hope you're feeling better soon! I'm sure the chiropractor will help.

Holly Saveur

So sorry to hear you are in so much pain...
I think the chiropractor can help if things are has helped me often...but you have to be careful after they helped can't lift have things..and watch your moves a few days...other wise it flips back...
take care!
hugs Holly.

Kerri ruder

Love all your stuff! As far as your back, this sounds weird, but my boss had awful back pain, couldn't find the problem until a PT saud it could be slipped ribs. She had them checked and 2 had slipped. After her first treatment almost all pain gone. Good luck!

Amanda gavini

Something that always improves my back pain when I pull my back is before bed, take as hot of shower with water on my back as I can, roll on plenty of icy heat (it's like a deodorant stick style) on when get out & take 2 Advil & go straight to bed. When you're in pain you don't realize how much you tense up at night during sleep so that helps you get a solid "rest" time in. Good luck.


Hi Melis, my sons last school day is the 22nd, can't wait to not have to wake up at 5:45, lol. So pretty, I still can't get over how you make cards with so many embellies look gorgeous, your the queen, you can't see me but I'm bowing, lol. Thanks for inspiring.

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