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June 25, 2016


Holly Saveur

Melis my heart goes out to you!
Love Holly.

Terri W

You are going to love the Misti I promise! I too know how that feels with only one special guy in my life to love. Guess he just gets an overabundance of love. You will figure it all out in time.
Your cards are a true inspiration thank you!


Sometimes life turns and twists in ways we cannot have even imagined. Through faith and love, we learn to cope.

I hope you find peace and contentment.

Abundant Joy, Sue


Beautiful words spoken from the heart. Your daughter is so lucky to have you. I know, although they might not be living in your home, you have touched and mothered many young people through your church and service. God has a wonderful plan just for you. Thanks for sharing all that you do. Dana

Becky Green

Your cards are BEAUTIFUL MELISSA!!! I SWOON EVERY TIME I see one!!!! LOL You WILL LOVE the Misti!!!! I reach for mine EVERY TIME I stamp now! ;) AND for what you have said about being a mother... Mothering doesn't stop when your daughter gets older, it's just done differently. They "need" us less, & we have to learn to let go, as I've found with our son & daughter, BUT I still wiggle my way into their lives in smaller ways. Doing it only as I could do it or as their mom, using my talents, through card making,being there for them when they need to talk, cooking something special for them, prayer for them & giving advice when asked. I am also finding that reaching out to others helps fill that gaping hole they leave when they venture off.... ( We have two college aged children, so I know this by experience. I too was feeling somewhat empty when they headed off to college. So, I DO UNDERSTAND!!!!) ;) (((HUGS!))) to you Melissa as you find your way to a different way of mothering your ever changing child. (Sometimes it just seems change stinks, when actually we are the ones who don't want to change. Life is FULL of changes & the more we can roll with it, the better off we are & the better off our kids are. They learn to deal with change watching us. ;) )


MELISSA I would love to know how you achieved the look on the floral sketches. Looks like a white distress ink of some kind? My heart goes out to you as a Mom. I feel sure with your many talents you will somehow find a way to bring happiness and contentment. Our Lord has a plan. Take care.

Patty O'Malley

Beautiful cards, as always, Melis. I firmly believe everything in life happens for a reason. We are all here for a purpose and touch lives in ways we may not always, if ever, realize. Just this weekend, I received a message from my godchild who lives many states away and whom I haven't seen in maybe 10 years. We do keep in touch, fortunately, through Facebook. Probably a good 40 years ago (I am aging myself), I doted on her and her brother. I loved spending time with them. I one time bought them shoes. She wanted me to know how much that meant to her mother at a time when finances were tight and how happy she was her parents chose me as godmother. It brought tears to my eyes as I never thought it would be remembered and didn't expect it to be. I never thought twice about it at the time. This past weekend, it made me realize how we touch people's lives in sometimes the simplest of ways. That is our purpose. It meant a lot to think things so small mean so much to others. So, what I'm trying to say is that God gave you a wonderful gift to take care of in this life and he blessed you with a sweet nature and wonderful talent. You have given and continue to give joy to many others that you may not yet realize. I leave you with a quote from a favorite Christian writer, "God is not done with you yet."

Diane from MN

Life sure doesn't unfold just the way we imagined, not the way we wrote the script! For me it was cancer at 29 and the end of having my own children. We didn't have the success you have experienced with adoption and remained without a "family". In a twist we didn't imagine at the beginning, we ended up hosting foreign exchange students, 12 in total, over the years, an experience we likely wouldn't have afforded with our own children to raise. We now have friends and contacts in many countries. My husband also volunteers in an elementary school, so even more kid contact, at least 20 each year for 7 years! There are so many ways for your love of people to play out, my hope is that it will be a surprise and delight for you over the years!


Love and adore all your beautiful inspirations... not only cardmaking, added goodies but your Christianity! On your "For You" card I see in the background peaking through a gorgeous peachy flower... did you make by chance? Do you have a diy or link perhaps to share! :) Thanks, Nettie!

Karen Letchworth

Dear Meli,
Reading your words, I once again feel your silent pain. Of course, I know your heart swells with joy knowing that you have had the profound blessing of being Mom to your daughter. But I can also hear that longing for something....perhaps not even knowing specifically what that "something" may be. But I encourage you to think about the legacy you want to leave behind, and I would encourage you to spend those extra hours doing something that will be the life of your daughter, perhaps your own Grandchildren, and even others. There may be a book in your future, or...who knows. But one thing of which I am certain - it should be something with lasting value. I once heard a message about "leaving a well in the valley"; meaning that we go through our life experiences for a reason, and we need to "leave a well in the valley" so that others who travel through that dark, lonely, dry valley one day will have the well (the wealth of knowledge and experience) left there for them to glean some water (comfort) from. I hope that makes sense. My thoughts are with you, and I really hope you find exactly what you are being called to do. In the meantime, thank you for sharing your artistic talents with us.

Mary Lee

Dear Melis,
How your comments spoke to me! My daughter could not conceive and after 5 years of treatments, started the adoption process, which as you know can be long and arduous. Without money to fund a private adoption or an overseas adoption, they entered the public adoption arena. They were told it could take five years and they would not get a child under 10, most likely with health problems. But a miracle happened for them and they adopted a beautiful healthy 2 year old boy. I wept when my daughter gave me the news, tears of joy that her arms would finally be filled with love and joy. He is our miracle and brought such love to us. Peace be with you.

Diana K

Hugs to you, Melissa. Just from looking at your artwork, I can only imagine how much room is left in your heart to love some more. Thank you for sharing and for giving me lots to think about.

Lisa Dolson

Beautiful cards and beautiful quote! My heart feels for you, Melissa. We must always thank the Lord for what we have, even though we don't know what our next step is. Thank you for the reminder!

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