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August 14, 2017



Oh Melissa I jumped for joy when I saw your post this lovely morning. You have been so missed. As you can tell we were all so concerned about you.So very happy that all is well with you and your family. I'm sure I speak for all when I say welcome back!


So glad you're back. I've missed your beautiful cards.

Ann L Merry

So good to see you back! Beautiful cards as always!


Wow, what a summer you have had! I'm just so glad that all is well & you are back to creating your lovely projects once again. You have been missed!

Deborah Long

It is so great to "see" you and your lovely creations. You have been missed!

Cindy O

Beautiful cards - those pretty berries with the bee circle - and the stenciled dots on your sunflower card! It's such a nice surprise to see your post today, and I'm looking forward to more!


I was so delighted to see your lovely cards this morning. Glad you were able to take a break to get all that done and happy you are feeling more settled now. Moving is a big job! I see it didn't affect your creativity as your cards are beautiful as always. Welcome back!

Cindy Otto

Melissa, I was so happy to see your cards this morning on PTI! I know what you are going through, we sold our home in 10 days, had to move to another town to live with my Dad for 6 months while we built our new home. It was very unsettling, but we made it and are happy in our new home. Patience is a virtue. I pray for it all the time. Stamping and creating are such a blessing and good therapy for the soul. Take care and I'm glad you are back!

Denise Perhay

SO happy to see you are back. Missed your beautiful work something terrible! Congrats on your move...feeling your exhaustion, we did that last year and it takes some time to get regrounded. Take it easy and enjoy.

Jan metcalf

So glad to know all is well and you are awaiting a beautiful new homestead! Your return with lovely card art is a birthday blessing for me! Gorgeous cards! You brought sunshine to the day!


So thankful that all is good with you and family. Best wishes in your new adventure

Janice Marcham

I was so excited and overjoyed to see you on Nichole's blog this morning! So many people have missed you, including me! So happy to hear everything is well with you and your family.
Your cards today are beautiful, as always! I agree with you about fall stamping. It's the best! Enjoy your day and welcome back! 😊

Sue (suen)

Melissa-So glad to see you back!! I'm totally in love with your sunflower card and love the stenciled dots in the window! The elements you brought together in the last card is amazing--love it, too!! We've missed your beautiful cards!!

Marcia Hill

I was SOOOO excited to see you pop up on my blog feed this have been missed! So happy for the new adventures you are experiencing too, but so glad you still found time to stamp too! And obviously your creativity has not suffered at all...your cards are ALL gorgeous! Welcome back!! :0)


I have been missing your card style! It always speaks to me in the most creative way. So glad that you were able to post this month.
Oh your family's new country store looks so fun and inviting. Might have to visit!

Jill Norwood

Welcome back Melissa! I got the biggest smile on my face when I saw your lovely cards on Nichole's blog this morning. You have been missed my dear! So happy you are back and that all is going well with your big changes this summer! I imagine stamping will feel relaxing compared to moving. I have been doing some remodeling and am relieved it's getting close to being done so I can only imagine how busy you have been and are with your move and building a new home too! Big Blessings and hugs to you and yours! :)


I thank God that you're okay!


Add me to the list of all those so HAPPY to see your posts this morning! Have missed seeing your BEAUTIFUL creations!!! Sounds like you have been BUSY!! Wishing you and your family much happiness in your new adventure!! Before I go..I LOVE all the cards today!!!! Have a GREAT Day!!!


Yay, so happy to hear from you again!! Missing your contributions!!

Kelly Schirmer

So happy you are back, Melissa! These are fabulous!!

Chris Shoop

Missed you!!!

Donna K

You obviously have lots of fans who have missed you. I assumed you had taken some time to have fun with your daughter but sounds like it wasn't that kind of fun! Ugh, I hate moving. Glad you're back, hope life has settled down, happy that we will see your beautiful style again. Good wishes to you.

Charlotte Hutcheson

I, too, appreciate your being back. What a treat to see your creativity again as you transition back into the fold. I hope your new place will be quickly finished and you can get back to a routine.

Georgia Tuttle

Yeah!!!! I love your work! I was so happy to see your post! Your creations are my very favorites. Welcome back! You are my card "Picasso"!


So glad and HAPPY you are back and you and yours are all ok! Great and lovely cards Melis!

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