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June 25, 2007


Sharon in NE

That WAS a tough call. There was something special and unique about each one.

Marlou McCrea

Well done ladies!! congratulations
All the entries were beautiful, I wouldn't of wanted the job of picking a winner. Thanks Melissa for the challenge thoroughly enjoyed it : )

Marlou x


You're not hurting my feelings, that's for sure! I love doing these kind of things just for the challenge and to give me direction...winning would be a bonus, but I certainly don't expect it! I love seeing everything everyone comes up with and Linda did a FABULOUS job and deserves to win! The other chosen ones were equally great...CONGRATS! to all the winners, and I hope you do this again! It was fun!


congrats everybody! BEAUTIFUL cards!

Bety :)


Awesome, awesome cards, everyone! I surely didn't envy your decision, Melissa. ;)


What a talented bunch, all the cards are stunning!!


wow Melissa, you choose some awesome winners.......but yes they were all winners.....regina


Awesome picks and beautiful cards!!! Congrats ladies :)

Cari Locken

Congrats to everyone!!!
WOW! Those are all gorgeous cards. I enjoyed peeking at the others over the weekend too! ;)

You're so silly girl! Don't make yourself sick over it though ok? I'm sure a few of those CC cookies will help!! ;)

Thanks so much! You're such a sweethear! Love you!


Wow-really great cards everyone came up with! You're right, Linda rocked it! Thanks for the fun fun challenge Melissa!

Well Said Cards

Oh Man! I should have checked out the competition before entering. Those are all fabulous cards!!!! I hope you do this again just so that you bring out this talent.


So great! congrats winners!! I think you made some great choices!! I loved the challenge and would play again! Thanks melissa.


Congrats girls and thanks Melissa for the challenge and your very sweet comments. Don't time I won't sweat so much about I love that this challenge has put me into contact with other cardmakers blogs...always great for inspiration. Thanks again!!!


Don't worry my feelings are not hurt I love doing it just for the challenge of it. I don't expect to win but love playing.

Hilary Kanwischer

Wow!!! what beautifully inspiring cards. Congratulations Linda...I LOVE that card too. :)


What an awesome bunch you picked...they are certainly all inspiring cards!! Thanks for the challenge, I enjoyed seeing everyones work!


Wonderful Choices! I too enjoyed going through all the wonderful cards!

Congratulations Everyone!

Denise Bryant

Wow....those cards are BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing your favs with us and congrats to those girls. This was fun and I look forward to more inspiration posted on your blog.



Wow! All the cards are beautiful; I know it would have been hard to choose a winner!


Congrats everybody ! Those cards are all so beautiful ! Thank you Melissa for this funny challenge !


Great cards! Congrats Ladies and thanks for sharing your amazing work with us all.


Congrats to all the ladies who won. Excellent jobs. And Linda said she WASN'T a card maker, who's she trying to kid!! lol.

Melissa, no hurt feelings at all, just fun to have the challenge. Can't wait till the next one!!!

Diane DiTullio

Wow, beautiful cards ladies! :)


I agree with everyone that this was super fun, just for the challenge, and that you chose some awesome picks for the winners!
Congrats to the winners. Your cards are wonderful!

Kim F 267

Congratulations, everyone!

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