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December 31, 2007



Well, I won't have the time to take on your challenge before tomorrow, but I just wanted to say that your cards are SO sweet Melissa! Yes, of course you can tell it's a watermelon- and a super cute one at that!
Take care!


oh what fun, Melissa! I'm going to get this going TOMORROW while I have a chance to play and the hub is home! Hee hee
I just love the glitter on the snowman card....AWESOME! YOU ROCK SISTAH!
Hugs! Sonda


Awesome challenge, I hope to have some time tomorrow. I am trying to get so many things done at once before this little on gets here. I might run out of time. Oh, well.
Love your work and that snowman card is adorable.

Kim Musgrove

Sounds like a fun little challenge for tomorrow!! Your card is to cute. Have a Happy New Year!!

Ashley Harris

These are too cute! I love them! I will see what I can do for this challenge. Thanks Melissa!

Kim Faucher

oooo what a fun advantage to being a homebody on new years... doing some cards! lol
Here is my take

thanks melissa for the inspiration!
kim faucher


love your blog...felt a bit creative today so I took a shot at your challenge. Thanks for inspiring me. Happy New Year!


sorry - can you tell I am new at this? here is the link.


Here is my attempt. Thanks Melissa for this awesome challenge!


Love this challenge! Here's my take one it....

happy new year, Madisson


Love the challenge and I tried to play, but unfortunately there wasn't an LSS open between here and Provo who had any felt for me! :(
Maybe next time....


Here is my card, Melissa, thanks for the challenge.


Here's my challenge card ~ humble, primitive, but pink & glittery at least! Thanks for the challenge & Happy New Year!


Here's my card for your fun challenge. Thanks for sharing your wonderful cards and creations and thank you for the challenge - Happy New Year!


Here's my card for your fun challenge. Thanks for sharing your wonderful cards and creations and thank you for the challenge - Happy New Year!


Beautiful work as always, Melissa! I wanted to play along in your challenge, but just didn't get time this time around..working on some projects for PC! Happy Holidays, girlie!


P.S. I love when you have challenges though...keep 'em coming! :)


Too late for the challenge, but I wanted to finish it anyway - here's mine:


I didn't get a chance to finish this up...but it is written down and waiting for me on my table...hopefully today! In the meantime I am loving all the cards that are linked up here! AWESOME!


That watermelon card is just A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!!!!!!!!

Marie-Jo Alias Limaye

I didn't see before your challenge so its realy too late for me but i discover your wonderfull new cards i love them !

Heidi Sonboul

I love the watermelon card!!! it's so cute


Oh, fun! I didn't get the chance to make one for you. The others were adorable! Cute projects, inspiring, as always :)

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