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June 24, 2008


Beatriz Jennings

OMG! Melissa Love those cards but my favorite is the MF one! love those felt hearts :)

diana b

Love that picture! I registered & checked out the site. Cool stuff. I also went to Stephanie's site. The colors she uses are are inspiring. What talent have you Ms Melissa. Not only do you create awesome paper art, the flower arrangement just makes me smile too.


love your work.........but what is a granny sycamore cake?


I registered a while ago...posted all the info on my blog.
WOW what an awesome painting!! It would look great in my house :)
Good luck everyone (even though I really really really want to win it!)


Hi Melissa-

I not only registered....but i signed up for the kits!!! Woo Hoo!! I'm encited. i've always loved the kits ....but Australia's shipping was alot. i'm so happy that we can get them now in the U.S. I'm always in awe of your work. As usual beautiful!!! have a great day :-) char

Elizabeth B. Jensen (Cherries Jubilee)

Your posts always brighten my day and with your cute "summer lovin" card, I've been singing "Grease" songs all morning! LOL! I registered and love that site! So excited we can get them in the US, without spending an arm & a leg for shipping! Oh, and that picture is absolutely darling! Have a happy day!

Amy H

I signed up and am completely in love with the banner stamp in your pics! I MUST have that one :) Off to search for it now.


Gorgeous cards! I registered and drooled a little! Will have to go back to look at it a little more closely! Thanks!

Beth Norman

Wonderful cards, as always. Oh my that painting is awesome. I guess being on the jj team I can't try to win it. Or can I?


gorgeous work!! I love your floral arrangement! And your cards are just so sweet and amazing as well!

Sherry Wright

Beautiful floral arrangement and how sweet og your MIL! Your cards are amazing as always! :0)

Laurie Star

Hi Melissa -

Beautiful cards today. Thanks for all the info you share. I entered the PC idol, thanks to you, and I love checking out the sites you recommend. I'm now signed up for another kit club - you enabler!


Do you know that coming to your blog every day simply makes me smile? I so look forward to what wonderful creations you have made to share. Works of art - every one!

Lea Lawson

Wow girlie....gorgeous creations yet again!! Love that sweet flower arrangement you made for your are so sweet!!



I'm registered and signed up for my first lime tart kit!!

Annette Taylor

You have to be one of the best card-makers around honey. I drop by your blog each day for my daily fix of inspiration xx


Melissa, you do the most gorgeous work!! I love your floral arrangement too!

Your work always puts a smile on my face. Have a great day!


Absolutely stunning work Melissa!!!

Steph Bailiff

Wow! Love the painting!! I subscribed and posted a link on my blog (but my blog is private - so I don't think you can see). Thanks! I hope I win!


Wishing your MIL a speedy recovery Melissa. The flower arrangement you made for her is beautiful as are you usual:)
My son use to love Dr. Pepper but we haven't been able to buy it in Oz for years, he still gets cravings for it.


omg,i registered at just johanna's and thought i'd never find this blog to tell you.yeah!! now i'm in the drawing for the painting. i'm soooo excited.thanks

Anabelle O'Malley

I'm so excited about the LT kits! GREAT card this week for CPS. I'm drooling....

Keri Lee Sereika

Wow that was a marathon post for sure!!! LOL

But I loved it all...esp the three flower red white and blue card!!!


No blog.

Already registered several weeks ago at justjoanna's

Anne-Marie Tribbett

Good Morning!,
I had already registered awhile ago but I did sign up for the Lime Tart kits. Am so excited! And love the painting, good luck everyone!

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