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June 20, 2008




what kind of house? One story or two? when my husband and I built our house he traveled alot. When he was in other states he would go to open houses and get ideas. One that we did was we sculpted the ceiling in the conors and put in hard wood floors around two feet of the living room and carpet in the middle and we had the contractors sculpt the floor in the cornors to match the ceiling!! Turned out very nice. I have lots of ideas!!

Great cards!! Have a wonderful weekend! enjoy the sunshine!!


jennifer mcguire

lovin' these cards. you are amazing!

Erin K

I am suprised you are looking for home decor sites. I have been meaning to tell you that I'm decorating my bedroom in "Melissa of lilybeanpaperie" style.

Anyhow I don't have any help there, I've been meaning to do my bedroom for almost 3 years, it's currently in, "spackled over holes in the wall from prvious owner, horrible peeling wallpaper with matching shade that doesn't even pull up because it's broken and missmatched bedding, but not in a good way" style, so I'm sure you don't want advice from me!

I LOVE these cards you have today. I'm such a fan of yours.

Mel Nunn

Hi Melis! I am back from my little vacationa and I have a few things to send you :D . The cards are simply gorgeous as usual!

Hmm... home decor... you are asking the wrong girl. Im not really up with the home decor scene, at the moment I am just making do until the kids are older. I envy you being able to build your dream home though!

take care and have a fantastic weekend :)


beautiful beautiful beautiful


More beautiful cards, melissa! How exciting to be building your own home :) We are currently re-doing the downstairs of our home and i have been having great fun choosing fabrics and wallpapers from The florals etc remind me of Melissa Frances papers lol...not sure if you get Laura Ashley in the USA, but if you do, i bet it's right up your street! Stephanie

Jennifer Haywood

I love to go to because you can type in anything and it will come up. I also love getting ideas from because you can take tours of the homes that are for sale. I have gotten a ton of ideas just by looking at other homes that are being sold on line. I also love looking on line at what pottery barn does with their displays. They have really neat color combos on their web page.

Stefanie Hamilton

Have you looked at It's very interactive, with tools so you can paint rooms online and so on. Love it!


Hi Melissa, my hubby & I started building our home 10 years ago, it's still not fully finished, but we've done it all ourselves. I got most of my ideas from magazines. I'd cut out pictures of things I liked & stuck them in a scrapbook. It was easier to show hubby pictures rather than try to explain it.

Elizabeth Jensen (Cherries Jubilee)

Love the cards! The Cherries Jubilee "It's Your Day" card is a fave, as well as the Melissa Frances "Little Boy Blue" card. (I'm way into nursery rhymes...Mary Ann's room is nursery rhyme themed.) I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for ideas galore (tell me what you think) and (It's the home decor portion of Williams-Sonoma. Love the photographs of stuff! Have a great weekend dreaming about your new house! How exciting!


Elles sont magnifiques !!


Hi M, lots of yummy projects to share with us today!

I'm well used to seeing your name in american mags (like papercrafts etc) but I just opened my Scrapbook Inspirations (UK based) mag today...and there you were!! You got a little mention for an inspiring blog (complete with a little pic of one of your cards and banner etc)...I was so excited for you..and agree wholeheartedly with them!! Did you know already? bx

Hilary Kanwischer

Home decor sites??? Try this one, I love it...

they've got truly unique stuff. :)

kim harter

I love Candice Olsen from Devine Design on HGTV she has such great talent! I think you can just go to the HGTV website and click on her show and it shows rooms she has done in the past. She also has her own design however I'm sure it is $$$ but I like to just get ideas then look on my own. If you have a Gordmans near you they are have great stuff also and very reasonable. happy shopping

Sherry Wright

Beautiful creations as always Melissa, I usually browse the country/shabby mags for decor ideas. ;0)




Lovely, Melis! You rock the socks, constantly.
I am a big fan of Design Sponge, too. It's here at:
Such insight on the trends. They also sporadically show remodels.
Ok, and HGTV, too. Love checking that place out, too.


So beautiful cards Melissa!


Jackie W.

These are all so yummy! I think I'm going to have to get some of that Cherries Jubilee now...thanks to you! Hugs, Jackie


These are all wonderful! You are just so creative. :)

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