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August 03, 2008



I was just thinking about you. So glad you are back.
I love that card with the dress, so pretty. Great idea with the stationary box and so beautiful.

Annette Taylor

Glad you had a good time honey. I am getting obsessed with my daily mojo-fix from your blog now. You are such a flippin inspiration. Thanks xx


welcome back! we missed you! I just adore that little box you covered. So sweet!


Hi Melissa,
Oh I adore the dress on the bride card you have done a wonderful job, the card is just stunning!


Welcome home! I LOVE the dress card. That is so lovely with the tulle.

Hilary Kanwischer

Oh my gosh Melissa...that bridal card is so gorgeous! I love the touch of tulle...just perfect! And the magnets, well those are just pure genius!! :) Welcome back from vacay...we just got back ourselves this afternoon, and I agree, it's nice to come home. :)

Debbie Olson

Oh, Melissa, that dress with the tulle is perfectly stunning--down to the last detail of that luscious ribbon and your artful/casual way of tying it!Your clear box is SO very elegant and lovely too!

Julia Ryder

I just love this card, it is truly beautiful. I have found your work very inspiring and check out your blog everyday for some more goodnes to look at.

Julia, NZ

Betsy V

Beautiful projects Melissa! So glad you had a good time...I'm like you... I love to come home from vacation too. It always feels good to go home. :-)

Ashley Harris

These are so gorgeous! Love you coming home from vacation too, gives me lots to look at and more inspiration! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Wendy J-

So glad you are home, girlie! Let's catch up this week - can't wait to hear all the details of your week in Cali. Only one more month until we meet in real life- yipee!! :)


So glad to hear you had a wonderful vacation Melissa. Sounds just awesome. I know exactly how you feel about loving getting home....I am exactly the same. I've missed your adorable creations this week. I'm so glad to hear that you can't wait to begin creating again. Cheers!

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Melissa, that dress card is just adorable! Totally know what you mean about coming home....I love it too. Glad you're back and that you had such a wonderful time away!

Laurie Star

Welcome back! It was a dull week in blogland for me without all your posts! :)


Hi Melissa !!

Glad that your back and had a wonderful time. I live in california , and have never been to the San diego zoo!! My favorite vacation is the just makes me sooooo happy!!! I've missed seeing your wonderful creations!! Char


It's so nice to have a change from your everyday routine, but it also makes it so nice to come home. Glad you enjoyed your getaway! Your projects are gorgeous, as always - love those clear boxes from Emma's - so great for gifts!


It is always nice to get away but it feels even better to come home. Amazing work!

Lea Lawson

So glad you had a wonderful time Melis!! You deserved it!

Your projects are gorgeous as always...I love the little but of tulle you used on the dress stamp!


laura vegas

gorgeous projects! that dress is so pretty, with the tulle added on there!

glad you enjoyed california! i've been here all my life ... and i think i take for granted sometimes all the beautiful places there are here!

PaperCutting Kind of Day

What you created with that adorable little dress is just amazing! TOOOOO cute!

Michelle Goto-Bertuzzi

Hi! I was blog hopping & saw yours. What a true brillant designer you are. You transformed a plain dress stamp into such an elegant, yet sophisticated card. Marvelous! I think I'd be here for a while.... :)


Beautiful projects, Melissa! Sounds like you had a wonderful time on your vacation. Glad to have you back!


Welcome home, Melis. The web has gotten a little prettier now that you are back. :)


So, you don't need to be told how amazing you are -- I'm sure you hear it all the time -- but you ARE!


Loverly, just loverly....ALL of it....I'm so glad you are back now....Aaaaahhhhh!!!!

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