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August 06, 2008



Such a beautiful dainty! I'm sorry you had a rough day at the pool--hopefully things will go better tomorrow. :)

Cindy (Citrus Tree Studio)

L.O.V.E. all of your latest "girly" creations and so glad you had a great vacation ~ stop by when you can. :-) C.


I'm sorry you had such a hard day, but there is no doubt that you are a wonderful mum.

We strive to be the perfect mother, but we all fall short sometimes.

Beautiful card, as always.



Reading about your doubts today, broght me back to when I was teaching my daughter to swin!! Oh Boy!!! You are a great mom....don't be so hard on yourself!!! Great card today!!



I am so sorry you had a rough mommy day. I can tell from your posts that you are an amazing Mom --- I hope you will cut yourself some slack. Fortunately parents don't have to be perfect at every moment for their kids to grow up to be great adults.

And this card? GORGEEEOUS!

Carole Janson

Just beautiful, I love it !!

Betsy V

Oh those little girls can keep you guessing, can't they? My 4 (almost 5) year-old has been giving us the hardest time lately. I know what you mean about feeling inadequate. Just keep on lovin' her and doing what you think is best. Better luck on the swim lessons tomorrow. Luckily that is one battle I don't have - my kids are all little fishies! :-) Love the card btw!

Laurie Star

I have a four year old too, and the tantrums take their toll, don't they? Luckily, they are soon on to something else and happy again right when you thought you'd couldn't take any more! Thank God for that. Hang in there!

Milagros C. Rivera

It sure shows the love, it really is precious. And hang in there, there will be better days when she'll be daring and you'll be proud!


My sweet pea is seven now and quite an accomplished little swimmer what a difference 2 years make. When I read your blog I remembered how inpatient i got with her when she kept clinging to me instead of taking that leap of faith. It is the same for us mothers, we learn as we go. Tomorrow just get up and do it again, continue to love her and reassure her. You are a great mother, I can tell. God Bless.


You are not alone! We are all inadequate as Moms sometimes, aren't we? It's difficult to know how to properly handle each situation, especially when the moods of little ones can change on a dime! A dear friend of mine told me, after I experienced my own bad Mom days with my first, that at the end of each day you can rest in the knowledge that tomorrow you can start fresh! Kind of like hitting "reset!" I pray that tomorrow you will have a better day with your little one!

And...of course...your cards are stunning! Love them, love your style! Beautiful!

Sonda T

Oh Melissa! Big hugs to you today!! I feel like that ALL the time. It's a hard balance. Beauuuuutiful card. I love how that butterfly turned out!


I use to teach little ones to swim... Patience is the key and just getting them to take one little step at a time!

Love your card -it's so soft and pretty!


Always remember that there's a season for everything, and although we try our best, some days are not as great as others (yes, I've experienced many different seasons of highs and lows! LOL!).

From what you've shared, I believe that you're a thoughtful, loving mother, and I hope that tomorrow brings you an opportunity to truly show your daughter the love you have for her. You've already begun to express the beauty of that love in the card you've created and shared right here! Let that beauty shine through to her and be blessed tomorrow! :)

Hugs and love to you and your daughter!


Melissa, the days go by very fast. You can't be a perfect mother, you can only try to be a good mother, and you are. You LOVE your daughter.In the end, it will be the only thing that ever mattered.


Beatriz Jennings

Oh Melissa, I love this card so much!!! and I am sure you are a good mom :)


Yep we all have those moments where in hindsight we would have done things differently. Every Mum has them so don't beat yourself learn more for next time hey:-) Hope tomorrow is a great day for you both.xx


Wow! all of the comments made here by mommys are really true, I feel like that sometimes, but then it happens and everything goes back to normal.
Your card says a lot of how much you love your little one.
Hope you have a better day today!


This is beautiful!


Very pretty card! Feels so girly. :-)


Swimming should be fun, right?? That is what I kept asking myself after my 3 yr old daughter screamed thru her first swim lesson. :( Only 2 weeks before she had been a little fish in the pool on our vacation. So, I pulled her from classes and decided to just let her enjoy the water and we would approach lessons later. :) You are a good mommy and you will know what is best for your precious little one. :) My swim teacher squirted us with cold hose water until we 'stayed' in the pool and no parents were allowed. Boy, how times have changed. Thank goodness.


Just remember tomorrow is a new day and don't be so hard on yourself.

We had a similar situation with swim lessons a few years ago. I know that we all need to be so careful around the water, but I didn't want him to be terrified of it and never want to swim again so I stopped and let him enjoy the pool. He is my little fish, and now that he is a little older, we're talking about taking lessons again to learn how to dive :)


All of your cards are beautiful!!


When ever I have a day where I question my Mothering skills a friend who is a high school counsler tells the same thing, the very fact that I am concerned that I am not doing a good enough job makes me a Good Mom!


i'll just add a bit - she may not be ready for swimming - maybe next year she'll just jump right in....don't be too hard on yourself dear.


Oh Melissa...why do I wait so long to visit you....I know good and well I am missing out....I love all your creations...ALWAYS!! I feel for you girlie with the trials of motherhood.....mine are 20 & 17 and we still have our trying moments...that's probably not helping any....but it's ALL worth it and I know that you know this!!! BUG HUGS girlie!!!

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