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September 30, 2008


Jean Beck

Melissa, your work is over-the-top beautiful! You are such an inspiration! Here is my card:

Annette King

Thanks Melissa for such a wonderful challenge! I had extra time so I made two cards! Hope you are having a great weekend with your 5 little shadows!

Connie Tacazon

Here's my card. I cheated and used a felt flower I already had, but it's a great card to keep in touch with my extended family. We all have lots of extended family right?


Thanks for the great challenge Melissa :)
Here's the card I came up with


Hi Melissa

Thanks for your beautiful creations and daily inspo!
I love felt so couldn't miss this challenge:
here's my card:

enjoy your weekend



Thanks for presenting this fun challenge- felt is something I neglect to use, so I really enjoyed this! Thank you for the inspiration! Your cards are just amazing, so beautiful!


Sara M

Oh what beautiful cards you made - as always ;) You can view my card for the contest here
Thanks so much for another fun challenge to get me creating!
Sara :)

Jennifer Hansen

Here is one I made yesterday at a crop with felt. Have another felt one to post later, but the kidlets are hungry so I'd better get cookin!


Your cards are always so gorgeous :)
Thank you for a super fun challenge, I had a go and my card with felt is here :)
jo xx


Hi Melissa!

Mum and I got together on WCMD and did your challenge together!

If you would like to see what I came up with here's the link;

Thank you so much for the challenge and for all of your beautiful inspiration!


Thanks for inspiration! The first time i've used a felt. Here is my card -


creativity and innovation are essential in a work of art.

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