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September 15, 2008


Jennifer Moore

How did you make the ornament?


I'd also love to know how you made your ornament.



Yes, I would love to know, too. It is so unique. You amaze me with your talent and creativity. Your blog is always a joy to read and look at. I am so excited for you and the Etsy shop. I saw the photo of all the girls from PC on Cath's blog. Looks like you had fun. I can't even imagine what it would be like to work for them.

Beatriz Jennings

just beautiful Melissa! :)

Rene' Sharp

Your site is just breathtaking! I am blown away every time I come & visit!

greetje van raalten

This is awesome!!!
That ornament is great!!

Marlou McAlees

simply adorable :) beautiful work, makes me look forward to Christmas :) x


Thank you for sharing such a warm and wonderful memory and your lovely card. My order will be on its way soon.


What wonderful holiday memories you have, Melissa! How sweet of your neighbors to have given you ornaments each year...what a great way to remember them every holiday season! You are so thoughtful to carry on that tradition with your own family and neighbors...I wish I lived near you so I could receive one too! LOL!

I've just begun creating ornaments for our kids a couple years ago. Unfortunately for the older ones, they won't have as many to take with them when they go off on their own as our youngest one will! :-D can add me to the list of people who want instructions on how to make that ornament! It's so stinkin' adorable! I've gotta know! Would you be willing to share how to make it? Pretty please?

I love the glitter you added to the house and snowman. Your creations are going to send me over to PTI, and I'm going to be broke way before Christmas arrives! ;-D

Thank you for sharing your projects! Have a wonderful day!

Niki Estes

What a neat ornament, Melissa! I love how it turned out!


That is a wonderful tradition!


"Sign me up" for the instructions to the ornament too.

hilde janbroers

oh my gosh, this is the most wonderful card with the most cutest house ever!!!!!

Heather Curoe

I would love to see how you made this also! Very festive. Thank you for what you do!

Mary Davidson

This is my first visit to your site, but it won't be my last. It is so beautiful and inspiring. The ornament is such a work of art! I hope you will share directions or give some guidance in creating our own. Thank you so much.


this is so pretty Melissa! Love that little house! Hugs!


wow gorgeous! great job with the house! i love it


You and Debbie O both used this house set and they look totally different! I love that and the soft "Melissa" colors that you used.

Karen Mickel

This is my first time visiting your website. I think your site is such an inspiration and I just love your work. The house and ornament are gorgeous! I also would like to know how you made the ornament. Thanks for sharing! :)


Beautiful Melissa - love Papertrey and I can't wait to see you work your magic on their products!

and I bet you had a blast at the PC Ed Board meeting -isn't it great to finally meet everyone in person? and they are all just the best - I know you will have a blast during your term on the board!


Yes, another request for info on the lovely ornament.

Stefanie Hamilton

I would also love to know how you made the ornament, Melissa! It's stunning!


Very pretty..I'd also like to know how you make the ornament.

Viv (VivLyn)

My first visit to your blog, came by way of Nicole's. Love your ornament! If you share the directions, I would like them also please. Great blog, BTW and I'll be back!

Janie D

For your ball ornament, when you say "start at the top of the ball pinning each folded strip to the ball", what do you use to pin it to the ball... little pins??? I am blonde you know ... hehehehe
Was given your site address to take a peek at.. so much for the housework & laundry !!! Absolutely love it.

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