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October 01, 2008



Hi Melissa-

Happy October too!! Love the altered box. I also like the soft colors of the flowers and heart!! Hearing you talk about the crayon maks me laugh....when I was young my mom came home to a work of art on the wall in crayon!!! Have a wonderful day!! Char


I love looking at your blog, to see the beautiful, and I do mean beautiful things that you create.
I am always amazed and always inspired. thank you


And I the fan of your creativity, very professional and gentle your works.


Oh now this is just GORGEOUS!!! I love the soft colors and all the sparkles too. Ummmmm, crayon....try using one of those Mr. Clean white sponge thingies....sorry I can't think of the correct name right now...but I think it will work for ya......HUGS!!!

Alison Behan

Gorgeous! I'm a pink gal and heaven knows, I LOVE BLING!!!! We are having a small problem with our middle child right now. We have a small white Ikea table that they sit at and do their drawings and have their snacks and such like, and he has scribbled on the back of two of them. I'm going to get a plastic spatula and scrape what I can off and then get some kind of cream cleaner like the ones you can use on hobs, and give it a scrub. Ya' gotta love a trier!


Amazing and so very gorgeous!!!! I love it!


Oh wow this is just GORGEOUS!!! I love the colors and all the sparkles too.
I'm a fan of your creations

Hugs, Sonja xxx


BEautidul work as ever Melissa, you've inspired me to make a card with felt...

I saw a pprogramme where someone used baby oil on crayon, it came off like a dream.

Jackie W.

How original! Alter the LID! I love it! It's so beautiful. Many hugs, Jackie

Karey in OK



This is so very lovely, Melissa! I just love all the MF embellishments on this project...they add so much texture and detail to it! Beautiful work as always!

Charlene Austin (Willow01)

Oh My....this is so beautiful. I am truly in awe of your work. I also enjoy reading about your happiness and the little things that mean so much.

Terri Conrad

Hi Melissa,

We've relaunched an all new blog at and linked to your beautiful blog.

Please come visit!

susan opel

Happy, October, BFF! I love folding clothes, too, but I can see why folding little clothes would be even more special! :)

Mary Beth

Oh, Melissa!. Your work is beautiful. I love peeking in and seeing your new creations. I also love the new picture of you with your beautiful little blessing.


Gorgeous work as always!!!!! I wish you a Happy October too!

Debbie Olson

Melissa, the sweet, gentle beauty in everything you make and say makes my heart happy. You're the best! I have to remember what I've read when I'm folding boy-clothes. . . (Yep, I'm convicted!)

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