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October 31, 2008


WOW,WOW,WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Oh my gosh!! I don;t know how you get so much accomplished!! I made a card last night and it must have took two hours!! (What are you secrets!!?) Everything is absolutely georgeous!!!!!!! Char


Everythign is so beautiful. I love those cupcake picks, great idea. And they look delicious. Can you share the recipe?


Evreything is so adorable! Oh and your little treats look so yummy!

Michelle Goton-Bertuzzi

Morning there Melissa. Another so many great fun ideas! Can't wait to try 'em all.


Awwww, a sweet day for the girls!!! Mmmmmmm, yummy it Papaw's recipe??? LOL!!! I love all your creations Melissa....but that last little snowman card just melts my see, I have a weakness for Snow people and this one is just adorable!!! Oh and would you mind pointing me in the direction of the recipe for those yummy looking cupcakes up there??? HUGS!!!


wow! gorgeous projects! I sure am excited for halloween!


My gosh, I can't believe how fast and creative you are! I love how you punched out those cute little shapes on the treat bags! And those treats at the top with the little peanut butter cups ...YUMMMM! I must get that recipe from you!

Guess what? I tried those mini caramel apples that Alisa had in her video today for Taylor's class and they LOVED them! (Taylor's birthday is Sunday so it was a birthday/Halloween party combo treat.) I made them last night and they stayed fresh for today..what a fun idea! Makes me want to cook/bake more, and I'm not a very good cook. OK, well I'm off to dress up my trick-or-treaters, so have a nice Halloween! =)


yay for a great day in!!! sounds fabulous! those valentine's treats are adorable! i love just love them!

Jackie W.

Hey kiddo, how's it going? Can you tell me (us) how you made the 3D flowers like that? They are too cute! Everything is super yummy today - you never disappoint! Enjoy your weekend, Jackie

Roxanne O

Lovely work! {as always!} I look forward to seeing what projects you've posted each day. These were really inspiring....and made me feel a twinge of excitement for winter! {says a lot, because I'm from Canada...and it gets very cold...lots of snow....which is fine for the first month!}

Troy Louise

I also love your cute cuttlebug snowman, I'm so tempted to get that folder. Enjoy your day today, Halloween & Nevada Day in one!


More scrumptious goodies and beautiful creations!! They all look so the valentine items! It's funny because I was just checking out some really sweet new valentine ribbons at my LSS today. Off to take the little ones trick or treating- Happy Halloween:)


Hey girl - I know this is weird because your creations are beautiful, but could you share the recipe for those peanut butter cup things? I've wanted one all day! :)



Alison Behan

Love them all, as usual :-). Man, I can't believe that you are thinking about Valentines ALREADY!!! Holey Schmoley Girlie, you about frightened the bejeepers outta me! Haven't even got my head around Christmas yet and thank goodness Halloween is over. My little ones are tucked up in bed, exhausted after their Trick or Treating. It was my littlest babylicious' first time. **sigh** he was SO cute. What did your little one dress up as? Did she have fun? How is she, she didn't get real sick did she?


Just beautiful Melissa! I just love your creations. I have a quick question. How do you make your pictures of cards, etc. turn out so great? Is there a trick to it? I'm not sure if I'm getting the lighting right. If you have any advice, I'm all ears:)

Mira Davis

You sure sound happy today!!! I just LOVE the Christmas treats bag!! Great idea!!! I love cricut and going to stock up on some new Cartridges... you can guess which hhhhhha

I love your work and it is a treat to me to come to your blog every day to check out what new!!!

Tami McBeain (tmarie)

I love all these little projects! I love the bag toppers on your goodie bags, they are just adorable! Thanks for sharing with us, I love your blog!


I love the cards you do with your cricut, well I actually love all the cards and creations you make but with the cricut do you do envelopes to match? if so, do you cut them the same size as the card? Thank you Melissa you are my inspiration :) x


how do you attach your buttons?

Gail Aguiar

Hi Melissa,

As usual I love your work!!!!! Can we please have the recipe for those little cupcakes? Also, what did you put in your treat bags? I LOVE your snowman card! Gosh, now I have to clean my house and go get groceries when all I really want to do is bake and craft!:)

Jennifer Scull

each one of the projects is amazing! you did such an awesome job - truly jaw dropping beautiful!

Debbie Olson

Fabulous, Melissa! I don't have the Christmas cartridge, but I've surely been enjoying that Storybook cartridge that one of the CPS girls recommended! I think you must out-Martha Martha in sheer beauty!

Marlou McAlees

beeeeeautiful work!!! loving these projects Melissa :) x


Love it all! I get so excited when I see you use something that I ACTUALLY own!! haha I have the cuttlebug flower... I can make those picks!! Thanks for sharing!

Megan Hoeppner

Seriously, who are you? Some super-human creative creature? Not only do you manage to do 100s of fresh and fun things, but you do them all so well. If I didn't know you, I'd think you were made up. ;)

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