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October 22, 2008



Unfortunetly we have one of those store's in my town, and let me tell you.....they make a pumpkin chocolate chip loaf that is to die for!! That store is dangerious!!! Cute card Melissa!! How's that house comming? char


OMG that fancy flours stuff was too stinkin cool. I may have just fed my baking addiction.

Susan Neal

Well, I just have to AGREE with you! Alisa is one of the nicest people I know. AND...she is also one of the most creative. It never ceases to amaze me. Then again, you're no slouch! Keep on creating! Love the tags. Sue


I just love your lollipop idea! So cute!! Also that video was wonderful, love those little candied apples, think I might have to try those for Taylor's class. Her birthday is Nov. 2, 2 days after Halloween so I'll be bringing in treats on Halloween this year! Such cute ideas!


OK...How YUMMY does that menu look? ALMOST as yummy as your projects today ;)) Have a great night!


Oh I love it! The card is so adorable!

kristie larsen

just watched that studio 5 clip. makes me want to visit utah!! I am a born and raised utahn but now live in NY. I miss it!!! Thanks for the great tutorial. I love love love all your wonderful designs.


thanks so much for the tutorial. I am going to try those with mummy suckers. I searched all around town this morning for your pumpkin suckers, but couldn't find them. :o( Mummies will have to do. :o) Thanks for the instructions.

That menu is amazing. YUM! Thanks for sharing such fun sources. I'm going to watch the video now......

Alison Behan

I love those sucker tags, they wouldn't last too long around here, I tell you! The Halloween card is 'out of control' cute!! Love it and would have never thought of doing a 'Baby's First' for Halloween, some great ideas to think about as always, Melissa :-).


Oh, that Halloween baby card is just precious! Love it:)
Let me tell you how glad I am that I don't have a menu like that anywhere near me too- how delicious!!


those are beautiful! i just love your stuff. Thanks for sharing!

Hilary Kanwischer

Hey, I think my post disappeared. Anyway, I had just got through saying that I need to find some pumpkin lolly's and that baby's first Halloween card is simply irresistable. :) Love it all. :)

Cathy K.

Your sucker tags are lovely and a great idea for classroom treats. I loved your baby's first card - adorable. Thanks for all the sharing of the sweets too!

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Hi Girly,
I SOOOO agree with you about a fire in the fireplace. They make me sooo happy. I love it when Bart builds a fire for me even if he won't be home to help me enjoy it. So sweet. Love the sounds, the smell, the cozy feeling. Ahhh...we usually get our firewood for the winter, after the first hard freeze. Sounds like that might happen this weekend! I can't wait to get our wood!!

Lea Lawson

I just love your CPS card this week is so adorable! As are those sucker tags!



Awesome tutorial, Melissa! I just love the lollipop tags you created! Thanks so much for sharing!

Lovely card...what a cute idea for celebrating another first for a baby! :)


Hi Melissa, enjoyed the tutorial, loved the hemp and the cute. I am loving all the Halloween cuteness on your blog. I have now gotten to the point in a scrap or card magazine where I recognize your designs before I see your name...hahaha, I love your creativity! Have a blessed weekend!

Alicia Weiman

Love all of your creations. I just found your blog a few days ago. I had to try a Halloween Baby Onsie too...I have it up on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration to make one. I think these would be cute for other holidays too....Christmas, Easter!

Thanks for the idea.

Stefanie Hamilton

Thanks for sharing Alisa's segment - I loved all of those super cute ideas! And I love Alisa too. Isn't she the best?


Thanks for sharing Alisa's link, these ideas are so fun and kid friendly! We just adore your site and all of your beautiful work, i love all of your inspiration and fun ideas! Thanks so much for always sharing!


Awesome projects! I just love the lollipop tags!

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