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October 24, 2008


kim harter

love your scrapbook page,so darling show us more!!!

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Oh my goodness, I love that photo of Sierra with her tongue sticking out! Too funny! What a cutie patootie!

Michelle Goton-Bertuzzi

Another lovely creations. It's nice to see you do layouts once in a while but always always love your cards.


Oh boy, the pumpkin patch!!! How fun is that!!! What a darling layout this is....I LOVE the colors and how everything just pops off the page too!!! That looks like a fun magazine to have...I must search it out....oh and I'll be sure to look up your little creations too...this one here is beautiful...great card for your little sweetie some day!!! HUGS!!!


I love your layouts as much as your cards! That is SO adorable!!! Have fun at the patch with your lil punkin! =)

Marlou McAlees

hi Melissa, adorable layout and card :) always love your work :) enjoy your trip and home baked cookies :) :) x


oh pumpkin patches are so great! I love love love your winter page! what brilliant colours that match your photos perfectly!

Alison Behan

Wish we had pumpkin patches here :-(. Love the layout and the card. I was a little shocked that you get snow in Nevada. Just can't picture it, all I picture is heat, heat and more heat! LOL

Jaime Compton

So happy to have happened upon your lovely blog. Love the layout for your scrapbook. I could use a bit more coolness here in Florida to make my fall perfect.

Enjoy the chill and hot cocoa!

Lisa Dorsey

That layout is sooo very cute my dear! Love her cute little red hat. Saw your gorgeous card in the mag. LOVED it too.



How darling is your little one in red!! I love seeing your layouts too--more more please. But as always the card is absolutely gorgeous. I love how you stamped over the musical notes!


What a great layout of your little blossom! I love your card too, is the frame on the card a stamp or a rub on? Enjoy your weekend!! Stephanie x


oooh - lucky for you on the sleepsets. They don't have any for girls size 6 and up. :(

Vicki Chrisman

Everything is gorgeous as always Melissa. I nominated you for an award on my blog.


Well, your layouts are just as magnificent as your cards...of course, you do have an adorable subject:) She's too cute! We love ON jammies too!
And, stunning card! Have a lovely weekend!

karla nathan

How lovely!


This is just beautiful. Did you use rub ons or a stamp for the black design? I came over from Vickie C.


I sit and wait for these additions to come out! Gives you so many ideas! I always notice your name in so many of my books and mags! You rock!

Jennifer Scull

beautiful scrapbook page! so soft, yet fun and whimsical!

and your card is just stunning! that crushed velvet ribbon has been on my wish list for a while, but after seeing it on your card, I think I'm going to have to succumb to the NEEd to have some of my own to play with!


What you create is so very pretty. you are a real artist !!! And I Think you're the best!

Cari Locken

Beautiful work Melissa! I always love looking at your stuff!

Oh and thanks for reminding me to check out Old Navy - I love their pj's too.

Roberta Lucena

I love your work!!!


Beautiful winter layout! I love this time of year, too!

Linda Beeson

All of that pink on that layout is just so perfect!

Cindy Major

Absolutely beautiful! Love the colors and design of your page! What a fun, cheery winter page :D


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