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November 05, 2008



You always take my breath away!!Char


Oh My Goodness Melissa!!!! WOW!!! This is such beauty I'm seeing here...AMAZING are such a sweet soul!!! HUGS!!!


Melissa, You have inspired me again! Too lengthy to explain, but sharing President Eyring's article, (no kids left at home = No The Friend), has moved me and given me an idea. Bless you, friend! So glad I visit regularly.

Keri Lee Sereika

These are all wonderful! I adore the just exudes it!

Julie O.

I'm so amazed how you have the time to post all this gorgeous stuff and then still make cookies. I still want to try the pumpkin ones from a few posts back. Anyway, thanks again for some fantastic inspiration!

I just have to tell you about this incredible book about giving. If you can get your hands on a copy, your daughter would love it. It's called 'Jacob's gift.' It's by Max Lucado. A little boy enters a 'wood work contest.' He makes the feeding trough and is about to enter it but then see's in his uncle stable that there is a baby without a bed...there's a wonderful, fun twist at the end. My kiddos love that book and really teaches how rewarding it can be to give. Just had to share!

Bonnie Blackburn

Absolutely beautiful!!!!


Oh my, it's even more than I could've imaged, Melissa! I can't wait to see it in real life. Thank you so very much for partnering with us!


This ornament is so beautiful! I know what I'm bidding on! Can't wait to see it IRL.

Jackie W.

Oh these are just beautiful, Melissa! I LOVE them! We don't get "The Friend" anymore as my kids are too old (sniff, sniff) so they get the New Era. Have a great day!


Your work, as always, is absolutely beautiful. What an inspiration you are, if only I had just a little of your talent. Thanks for sharing the beautiful story.


love your card and ornament. The story makes me think about giving in different ways.

Alison Behan

It's funny that you mention 'Operation Christmas Child' today.

I spent the morning gathering items for our shoeboxes :-) Our boxes are due into the school tomorrow to be picked up. I love to give in these boxes, last year I had to get another two as the ones I had were too small, lol. I also volunteer to check the boxes in the warehouse before they go out.

This year I am also doing a 'Babushka Box', instead of it being for a child it is for a grandmother or you also have the choice of doing a 'Dedushka Box' which is for a grandfather, it is run by a company called 'Pashli' working together with the Samaritians Purse. I am doing it in the memory of my grandfather. I love to give and I love my children to learn the art of giving and how happy and loved it makes others feel.

Sorry for that sidetrack ;-), love, LOVE the projects Melissa. I have a question tonight, WHEN DO YOU SLEEP GIRLIE?????? I think you must get less sleep than I do, and that is saying something!!!



Your little house ornament is so cute. I love the embellishments you chose- gorgeous!

Stefanie Hamilton

I adore that house, Melissa! And I love you way you staged it all with the ornaments. :-)


SOOOOOOOOO pretty! :-)


This project was STUNNING!!! you are making soo many beautiful things!!! Thanks for the great inspiration!!!

Jamie Wilcox

OH my, this little ornament is a work of art!! Absolutely adorable!


Truly delicious! you are so talented! thanks for the insipiration! federica


i love your work. amazing attention to detail and very sweet.

Molly Peckham

Again, I am just totally in love with everything, my dear! And that house ornament, wow!!!!!

Linda Albrecht

Your little Christmas set for the charity is so enchanting, Melissa. You are an angel--(I can tell that by the things that you create;-)



everything is just adorable! I can't even say anything more... just perfect! :)


When I think you could never do anything better you surprise me!


Hi, Melissa!

I fell in love in this house! he was great!
but you do not have his image?

I read you blog constantly!
It is amazing !!!

susan stringfellow

LOVING these colors! The cards are beautiful and the little house is to die for. I have the little church ornament and I cant wait to play with it after seeing your creation

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