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January 06, 2009



I love coming to visit you *smile*!!! Lovely cards!! HUGS!!!

Jackie W.

What beautiful cards, Melissa! I love them! No need to apologize for the butterflies - they are so pretty! I love the glitter on them. Hugs, Jackie



Ahhhh don't you know...that you are an inspiration to us too!!!!!

Alison Behan

How cute! Love the butterflies. I have been contemplating sending for that stamp for a while now and between here and a couple of other places I have seen it used, I think I am going to finally offer one a home ;-).

Think your choice of word is wonderful! I love to follow Ali's blog too and love the simple things that she makes us stop and think about. As I get older, it is definately the simple things that bring me most pleasure.

Hope you are ok today. You've been popping in and out of my head :-)



Amen! Beautiful post Melissa, I look forward to your words as much as your beautiful cards!


Love that butterfly punch. I have one from Martha, but I haven't seen that one. Definately have to be on the lookout for it now!


What a fabulous word you've chosen for yourself this year, Melis! I love what you've shared about its significance to you, and you never fail to inspire with your words as well as your art work!

Love the fluterrby's! I wouldn't mind seeing them in every project you create! LOL! ;-D

Thanks so much for sharing your heart!

Niki Estes

Wonderful cards, Melissa! I always love your vintage style! Just beautiful!

Barb F

These are so cute! LOVE the vintage cake card... just beautiful!

Elizabeth Beasterfield

Oh how cute! I was on the fence with the Forest Friends set and this cute card just put me over the edge! Thanks for sharing! :D

Jennifer Schmidt

That's a wonderful word to carry with you throughout the year.
The cards are gorgeous- what a spectacular wedding card!!


Love to read about your choosen word for 2009. You are right in all ways!
And he first are is soooo beautiful! love it! An the second one is great too!


looking very good! thanks for the eyecandy!

Patsy Jackson

Aww Melissa - bless your heart!

Love the cards - esp the Oh deer one, made me smile!

I have a little something on my blog for you - you've probably seen it/had it before though!

Patsy x

Lea Lawson

These are gorgeous Melis! Love meandering through your blog...always full of inspiration!


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