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February 08, 2009


Debbie (aka debbiedesigns)

Melissa, it's SO lovely and so YOU! Sheer, yummy perfection!

Kimberly Crawford

that is beautiful! I love how you made the flower center with different cardstock!!

Julie Masse

Beautiful card Melissa! The colors are just so pretty and cheery! :)


so beautiful! Can't wait to see what all comes in the kit!


Just love what you did with your kit! Gorgeous as always!


Love the flower with the contrast center. Do I spy some type of dew drop or other new embellishment? Eager to see this completly new kit.

Jennifer Schmidt

The kit is such a great idea from PTI! I love what you've done with it and how you've included the inside as well- lovely card!


Beautiful card and beautiful post! Your post really pulled at my heartstrings and I thank you for lifting me today the way you did. I wish you lollipops and rainbows.


Love what you did with the kit girlie!!! Your card turned out so cute (perfect color combo as well!) XOXO

stephanie muzzulin

Oh wow I love what you did with your kit. So beautiful and it sounds like you have a wonderful group of friends.



Melis, you don't even know me and don't think I've ever left you a comment (SHAME ON ME!) but, trust me, I look at you as a friend. I lurk into your life every single morning and admire your absolutely perfect creations. Yes, PERFECT. You are my inspiration! You've also introduced me to a lot of new friends. More people that don't even know that they are my friends. I know that comments are like gold to bloggers ... must take the time to do that more often. The thing is, I go to so many blogs every single day, if I commented, then I'd be at the computer longer than the two hours already! But, do know that your work is apreciated and loved.

PS ... one of these days perhaps I'll start my own blog and make friends!


Lovely cards girlie! What a wonderful idea to make little kits! These are colors are so happy and cheery! HUGS!

Julia Aston

I love the double ribbons on this pretty card!

Beatriz Jennings

Hi Melissa It is true if each one of us could post a list of all the friends/cyber friends will be so long...... thanks for sharing your talent :)

Melissa D.

Great card. I am so glad that you shared with us all your wonderful friends. It is awesome when you sit down and think of all the people who have touched your life in one way or another. TFS!!!


What a sweet card. My absolute favorite is the double ribbon on your card. Cool!


You are really amazing! Your work is incredible. Every time I look at any of your work, I have to keep going back and looking again and again for any details that I might have missed. Your work is just an extension of the lovely person that you are. Smiles!


Beautiful card Melissa! What beautiful sentiments you took the time to write about all your Friends. I think it wonderful you were able to share it all with them, with such a beautiful card and more beautiful words! Your the kind of Friend That everyone should have at least one of!....


Melissa you are a True Beauty both inside and out. I am honored to call you my friend!! Now I am going to go cry!! LOL



Melissa you are a True Beauty both inside and out. I am honored to call you my friend!! Now I am going to go cry!! LOL


Ruby 2 Shoes

Another lovely card. Love the colours, must go and check out that set now!


Your card is one of my favorites from the samples! I love your color combo!

Jan Hunnicutt

Your card is simply georgous!

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