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February 12, 2009



I love the idea of the twinkie chick. The whole ensemble is so cute.


Love this card, design, beautiful background, and all the cool colors together! Great Great Put together....Love it!


Adorable! Love the bling on the butterflies. :)

Maureen W.

SO adorable!! You have such a way with embellishments - your projects are just perfect!

Linda Price

Too cute. Love the butterflies.


A Twinkie! Clever idea.

It would be an awesome treat for my daughter's class!

Just plain stinking cute! :o)


So cute!!


oh my cuteness


Very clever, I'll admit I did do a double take when I realized it was a Twinkie. LOL But such a great idea so thank you for sharing. I love the colors you used.

Carol Hinton

Your easter projects are so sweet and that candy chick is so adorable! This is one of my favorite projects using the Easter tags. Thank you for the inspiration and sharing the cute little chick recipe.

Julia Aston

How cute is this! I love the little chickie in his little tin - and the butterflies on the card are sweet!!


So, so cute! Love the project and tag card!


OK, yeah, really , seriously....a Twinkie? Pure genius I tell you! That is so cute and can be as elaborate or simple as you want it to be. Very cool friend!

Debbie Fisher

This is so cute! The first thing I thought was ...."that's a Twinkie"! What a fun treat for anyone any age.

Eveline van Heijst

Looks beautiful.


What a CUTE project! My DD will love to make that chicky! (and mommy will love to make the rest!) Thanks for sharing the link!

Gabriela Divine

Your Twinkie chick is adorable! I love the coordinating card and the little bunny watermark on he upper left corner.

Cat Lail

FINALLY - a creative reason to HAVE to buy twinkies :) love your project :)


I like yours better than the original with the lemon slice wings. Great job, love it.

Jackie W.

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this little vignette!'s my favorite!

Elizabeth S.

This is so adorable!!

Niki Estes

Melissa, that is so cute!! That chick is so cute and would make a great kid project. The colors you chose are beautiful, too!


OMGoodness, this is such a cute idea Melissa! WOW are just always! Happy Valentine's Day! HUGS!

Kim Howard

OMG, the twinkie sweetie bird is too stinking cute!!! and how clever in the container ;-)


Totally cute Melissa! I love looking at Family Fun for craft ideas too.

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