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April 16, 2009



BEAUTIFUL creation, Melissa. Yes, Motherhood is such a sweet subject. I it :) You make the Tattered Angels so tempting, although I feel like I would just make a mess. :P I so love that quote. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth S.

This is such a beautiful card!! I love to see all you create. That is a wonderful quote, Thanks for sharing it.


What a greata idea! The possibilities are endless!! Beautiful card!!!

Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

You of the winged heart, you of the love filled heart who brings joy to so many, I thank you. Your creation is lovely beyond words.

Melissa D.

That is very sweet, the card and the words. I love your shabby chic look. Great job!!! I lov my job too, I alwasy wanted to be a mom and it is wonderful. I call my little boys my boss' as well.


such a lovely sentiment, i often feel a little down on myself and my ability to be something extra special, but you know something, i'm such a great mum, i do such a great job with my girls, our relationship is so close, positive, happy, realistic and caring, i guess that means i am something special!
Oh and love the card!!

anne :)

Heidi Kilgore

Melissa , you've created such a sweet card. I think your love and sweetness of spirit come thru on everything you create! You inspire me greatly!


Heidi Kilgore


Really beautiful card!


Melissa, this is beautiful. I just can't get my Glimmer Mist to look like that. Is there a special trick I need to know.


OMG! This is GORGEOUS! You and that glitter just make the perfect couple! WOW! GREAT job girlie! HUGS!


Beautiful as always Melissa!

Many Blessings,

Jennifer Schmidt

This is so gorgeous! What a beautiful quote too.


I love this style card. vintange romance. :) i need to get some mists.


Beautiful Card, so sweet!!! Just as sweet as your feelings for your mom!!!
and how can this be????? Ithought I had THE sweetest mother ever created??? lol
thanks for sharing


Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us! Can you post somewhere the source for the little white flower tied to the ribbon?

Jennifer Scull

wonderful projects, but oh, that poem, it's bringing joy to my heart and tears to my eyes! :) thank you!

Patricia Paucke

This is such a wonderful website with so much to view! It inspires me to get my paper crafting materials out and begin a new craft!

Thanks so much!


So beautiful!!


I love the soft color with the variety of elements added to make such poetry of emotion.

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