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May 27, 2009



What a wonderful post Melissa!! You should print this out and add it to a memory book for your little "pea".

Love your prickly pear flowers! Mine are on their last legs and not sure if they'll bloom this year.


Those flowers (or succulents, not sure what they're called) are gorgeous! What a beautiful relationship you have with your daughter...isn't being a parent humbling! I can only imagine your year will be my son's last year in preschool and then it's off to full day kindergarten- gasp! Enjoy your day!


Oh Melissa...what a happy time and a they just grow to dang fast!!! I'm so glad that you treasure each and every moment!!


Cacti are lovely when they flower...just make sure you don't hang your washing line near them or you'll get prickles all over your clothes if anything blows off the line!!

Gabriela Divine (Gabi With An Eye)

Melissa, my sweet Melissa - what a sweet and love filled post. What precious memories you and your little bean are creating and giving to each other! I adore your heartfelt prose, your flowers, photography, and your art. It moves my very soul.

Jackie W.

These are just gorgeous, Melissa! Love them all!

Melissa D.

Oh what a bitter sweet time. I am preparing myself for my son's first day of kindergarten and it isn't going well. I never thought how emotional the last day will be.
Beautiful cards. I love them. You amaze me everyday with how you see things.
Lovely flowers. Always nice to have some color out your windows.


What a lovely post! So heartfelt and You are an awesome mom! As lucky as you feel to have your daughter is how lucky she is to have YOU as her mom. Beautiful cards and beautiful flowers!

Lisa Phillippi

What wonderfull sweet words from a mother to a daughter....Time sweeps by so daughter recently turned 21..but you remind me of days that seems like yesterday. Thank you! Beaautiful cards too!!!!!

Anabelle O'Malley

Your post brought tears to my eyes. You know I know exactly how you feel. The flowers are beautiful and so different from what we have here out East. I'm sure the whole area is lovely. And your cards are so fun. You do masculine cards so well!!

Heidi Kilgore

once again you managed to wow me with your beautiful work! I love all the cards in this post.

You are so right to cherish each and every moment with your little one, time does fly by so fast! These are special days , and could most probably be some of the best days of your life, Literally! I know when my children were this age,( and all through grade school really) as I look back, were the best days so far of my life. You'll have other great days too, throughout, but in general, I always think back to that time and just cherish those years. Hopefully , I can have them again with my grand children, whenever God sees fit to bless me with some.

Anyway, Stunning creations as always. Your posts are written so lyrically and your descriptions so vivid, that it makes me feel as if I were taking that walk to school with you and Lilybean, or looking out your kitchen window with you at the Cactus flowers.

Thanks for making my day more beautiful.

God Bless and Keep you always,

Heidi Kilgore

Carla Mayfield

Beautiful cards, as always!! I graduated one from HS and one from K this year. Time does fly!!

Sarah Martina

Lovely memories to cherish Melissa... I hope you know you have a true gift with what may seem like the simplest thing, but to be able to put your true feelings into such eloquent and touching words is priceless. These memoires you create will be cherished for years by your daughter & family.

Thank you for sharing that part of you with all of us.


Waaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! Your heartfelt post made me cry - I just went to Alekha's kindergarten graduation picnic and I feel the same way. This is her last year at a school that is just 3 minutes down the road. Next year her school will be a 20 minute drive and I feel so sad that my baby is growing up. Wish they could stay small forever. The cards are gorgeous M!


I so enjoy your posts. I completely agree with the post above by Heidi. Your art is stuning, your writing superb. I always feel right there, in the moment. Then I fall away back to a time when my life was just as yours. How fast the years fly by! Thanks for all you share!!! Big Hugs Cynde

Lisa Hjulberg

Melissa, your cards are amazing, as always, but I have to again say that you are the dearest, most poetic soul I've ever "met." You are so lucky that you "get it" about the preciousness of your child from the start... some don't realize it until too late... and that you've journaled about it so that your daughter can know you better some day...not to mention the fact that no matter how much you think you could never possibly forget anything, the details start to blur over time. Thank goodness for pictures to remind us of things we start to forget if we weren't smart enough to write it all down at the time!

You must share with us why you decided to move to the country and just where that is. I can't imagine you living where cactus grows.



What a beautiful & meaningful post, Melissa.
I know exactly what you mean. My little one turned 7 on did that happen so quickly?
Your bug story reminded me of when Molly had a pet bug living in a bowl. She gave it some grass & then shared some of her drink with him. She was so proud that he was so good at floating, LOL.

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