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June 24, 2009



This card is so beautiful - I love the wheat image stamped in pink. That is one of the things I love about your creations - you put a spin on them and make me look at things differently. Thank you so much for the inspiration.


It's always amazing how God uses our hurts to better us for his glory, yes? I pray your home will sell & your dream of being a mama again becomes real.


Oooh, your wheat bundle in the soft pinks makes for the basis of a beautiful card! Wishing you well, - SueB


(((hugs))) melissa!

Ashley Newell

Beautiful use of the wheat cluster! Love how it's not "thanksgiviny"!!

You're amazing! Time heals everything because it never stops, so I hope time will heal your worries too!

Sheila R

Thanks for sharing your feelings... so many times we blog about the good times, but it makes us human and real to blog about the not-so-perfect times.

May God ease your worries and surround you in hope.

Your artwork is gorgeous!


beautiful post beutiful card. love it.

Birgitta Hyyryläinen-Metsi

You carts is amazig.Fantastig.

Amy Smith

Love your pretty! I hope and pray for better days ahead....and that your house will sell! Have a blessed day!

Deah =)

Hey, Melis...
Gorgeous card. =) Love it! And if I were half as talented as you, I would make my own beautimous wall hangings. ;)
Let not your heart be troubled...all things work together for good!
D =)


You are being true to your feelings, thank you for sharing with us..we are all lightness and dark..


Life is full of ups and downs, and believe me I know all about the down periods. I've experienced plenty and then some myself. Try to keep a positive outlook on things no matter what and oftentimes the more optimistic you are, the better the outcome :) I adore this sweet card you have created! So beautiful. I wish you peace and happiness and for a wonderful rest of the week!

Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

Oh Melis - what a moving post. My heart is with you during the hard times. Just keep on putting one foot ahead of the other. Your positive outlook will see you through. You are surrounded with love and you are richly blessed.


Same boat (trying to sell our house while building another). Hope all goes well for you... and you hear good news soon.
You're such a good example of looking for the good in life. Hope your dreams come true soon.

Thi P.

Keep your chin up Melissa, you will prevail. I love your spirit, you motivate me to do the same in these troubled times.

Ashley Harris

You will be fine. Just take a deep breath and steady...I know you didn't just jump into this, so trust your initial answer. Take care you!


Thanks for sharing a little personal info. I feel for you! Your card is beautiful! I love the glittery wheat! The wheat looks like its really doing good this year. Its growing tall and lush! I love when it changes colors!


sorry you are troubled :(

card is gorgeous, as always

Alison Behan

I love that card Melissa. I would look at that stamp and look and think, "What in the world could I do with that?. You look at it and say "Mmmm, let me at it. Now where did I leave those lovely papers???". ROFLOL.

On a more pesonal note. I'm sorry that you are having anxious times. You are human, life cannot possibly be fantastic all of the time. Some of the time it is just about getting through the day. I wish you everything that your cute, shabby, unique, special, loving heart desires.

Ali x


That is one of the prettiest cards I have ever seen. Sorry your are feeling so troubled, I will pray for your peace and God's perfect answers.

Jo R.

Melissa, a visit to your blog always makes me happy so I was sorry to read that you're feeling down today. Please know that I'm sending you (all the way from Australia) warm wishes for happiness, contentment and lots of positive thoughts!


You create some of the most beautiful cards. You have a wonderful talent. We all have worries as mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters. A very wise young woman told me on an Acts Retreat...
"Honey, God knows your troubles and storms so why dont you tell your storms and worries how big God is?" At the point of this conversation with her i was in a horrible state of mind and finances etc. After that wonderful weekend my thoughts changed after thanking God for all that he has given me I turn to my problems and tell them exactley How Big MY God Is!!! The good thing in regards to the economy is that God will never be broke....He owns it All and Loves us unconditionally... Peace and Love be with you always...... Amanda

Renee V.

Thank you so much for sharing your troubles with us. I'm going to remember to say a prayer for you tonight. I've been a follower of your blog for quite some time and I always love visiting. (Beautiful card, btw).
Big hugs to you...


Lovely card as always. I will say a prayer for you tonight. You are not alone in your worries and fears.


absolutely gorgeous card!! :)

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