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June 26, 2009


melissa is my favorite because they have such a wide variety of recipes and you can print them in recipe card sizes.

Sharnee Torrents

THanks for sharing your world!! I love your creations and want to congratulate you on being part of this mag!!! Well done :0)

Sheila R

I just love your black cat Halloween card! I just love website as most of the recipes are kid friendly and easy!

Debbie Nelson

I am a HUGE Paula Deen can never go wrong with one of her yummy her pineapple casserole! I have all of her cookbooks except the one for kids!


What a beautiful card--just love your glittery black cat. I have to agree, Autumn is one of my most favorite times of the year too!

Lee Cockrum

Man, you asked the wrong person about recipes sites!!! I agree with, their rating system is good, cause you figure if 150 people have tried it, and it is rated 4.5 stars, it is probably pretty good!

Some other favorites are:


I'm sure you already know about The Pioneer Woman - I've made so many of her recipes and her website is as entertaining as her food is yummy!

Ann Merry

I love the Cakespy website. Always beautiful photography of scrumptious goodies! That apron on the cover of Card Creations really caught my eye. My daughter has made aprons for her little toddler nieces, as well as for the American Girl I need for her to scale them down even more for cards!! Thanks for a chance to be in the drawing!

Linda R

No help here, I don't cook!
But, gotta say, great card.


I also like eveything fall. Got to get some of that black glitter. Love the card.

Jacqueline Juan

I love your cards. They are very sweet and refreshing at the same time. Really inspiring.
I spend hours on food websites and one of my favorites is:
The photos there are mouthwatering and the recipes very do-able. Hope you hope over and see for yourself :)


I tend to use a lot. Plenty of yummy recipes there!


cute card!


Love your card!! Not much of a cook here so I can't help you there! ;)

Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

What a heartwarming post! Of course I'm familiar with Callapitters, and when something is out of my reach, well then I simply can't "breach" it. And when we're flu-ish we reach for the "Patenteture" (thermometer). All that aside one of my favorite culinary blogs is I hope you will like it too. BTW, I adore your black cat card!

stephanie muzzulin

I love your style and all the little details you add to your cards so amazing. I don't really look up recipes online but I do love to watch the food network. My husband always says it would be nice if I actually made something that I watch on tv. So that being said I am not a cook.


fabulous card!!! I love the recipes on, I get daily emails from her and they always make me hungry :)


Adorable card! I have to go with Everything I have tried from her site has been delicious - plus her writing is so entertaining! (Thanks for telling me what a quilt was - I didn't know!)

mary puskar Pioneer Woman is my favorite site. It's not only food but home and garden, family, etc. But her recipes are wonderful and she's such a good cook. Enjoy it. Thanks for the chance to win!


Karin Canazzi

I love the Pioneerwoman but this site is fun many great ideas!

Sue O.

What an adorable Halloween card . . .not too scary, just right!! Oh, I LOVE to look at cookbooks and recipes, too. I could sit for hours. I have a huge collection of cookbooks. I've enjoyed the Pillsbury cookbooks and any and all church type cookbooks which have tried and true recipes in them.

Judy T

My favorite food blog is The pictures are beautiful too. Thanks for the chance to win!


What an awesome Halloween card. I just love the colors, details, and texture of this card. This is the way to start off the day with all the inspiring projects on this CC7 Blog Tour. One of my favorite sites is
I also love my Betty Crocker cookbook. Congrats and thanks for a chance.


she rocks!


Here are 2 seriously amazing women! Their blogs are hugely popular, so I wouldn't be surprised if they're already on your list of faves. If not, they will be very soon!
LOVE, love, love your card!

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