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July 09, 2009


Lisa Hjulberg

What state do you live in, Melissa? It sounds like So Cal or Arizona. I'm trying to think where else there is a desert.

Anyway, your creations are stunning! I especially love the card... the colors are some of my faves. You truly have the touch!

Sleep well,


Wouhaaaaa ! It's marvellous !!! I love it !!!


Love your beautiful, thoughtful, sweet creations, as always!! Thanks so much for sharing them, and your life with us! It's a highlight in my day!


I bought all the goodies to try my hand at it. Won't be the same, lol, but WOW all my fav goodies, colors.....WONDERFUL!! It'll be fun to try! BEAUTFUL as always, I look forward to every post.

Mary Duffek

Beautiful cards and love your blog....


Cuteness never ends here does it? While I sleep you are off posting all your creations and I look forward to waking up the next morning to see what you have made. It's a little like waiting for Santa, only I get it EVERY morning :-). LOVE IT!! Your picture of the desert on a warm Thursday sounds nothing short of bliss. I think I was born to live in Arizona, I loved it SO much when I was there. Showers forecast for here today. No change there then :-).

Hugs to your little reader...



Hi Melissa, just wanted to tell you that you are as beautiful of a person as your work...what a blessing...I haven't been to your site in a while, but every time I get a minute to visit I am blown away....double hugs and blessings to ya girl.....

Ps: remember you ALWAYS have a spot on the cutting cafe team...whenever you can get a breather.....HUGS.............

heidi quick

Hey Melissa,
Do you remember me? Heidi from ottawa, IL? I sent you a little story about your "I love you berry much" card I made for a student of mine. well, it's me again. LOL! Just like you to know your readers. But I have a question for you?? I was broswing on the cricut website. They have a Melissa P. listed as a designer. It must be you?? Maybe I have missed this info before. Keep up with your beautiful work. You inspire me everyday. And keep that little girl reading. Right now I am reading Because of Winn Dixie to my daughter. It is awesome if you are able to throw down a southern twang. We laugh and laugh.


This is so beautiful. I love stopping by your blog, your are so talented


Melissa... you just keep amazing me with your creative mind. The paper pocket is so unique and your card is beautiful with that flower and cameo. I don't know how you do it with all the DTs you belong to and you even have time to bake fresh muffins! Thanks for all you share. BTW, your daughter is beautiful... such a pretty little girl.... Adela

Donna meyers

I have just been introduced to your site and love all that you do. I am inspired and appreciate your work as you think in my mainstream (slightly out of the box) Are you stamping directly on fabric sometimes for the soft baby look on some cards or is that the name of a fabric?

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