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July 07, 2009


Amy Duff

What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing your inspiring words!


Wise, wise words. You are so worthy of heeding them. You are one that I admire.


Thanks so much for your very timely reminder & your beautiful inspiration.

Ali Manning

Your card is really beautiful, Melissa. And your words really touched me - thank you!


you are so sweet..I do compare and judge my talents against others..maybe I will take your see my talent as it is..thank you..


What a beautiful note and thought for today. Thank you for writing it. I know exactly what you are saying. I can be so accepting of others and yet so driven to be all the things I wish I were and am not. It's a good reminder to be patient and kind to yourself and accepting of your own strengths and weaknesses. A beautiful thought and I hope by writing it, you've found some peace in doing so. Thanks again!


So nice!

Be Blessed, Melissa!


Beautiful and wise words on a difficult day! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Julie Campbell

Melissa, thank-you for sharing such wonderful thoughts with everyone and for including the words of a special man that I have always loved & admired...great words to remember.


Hi Melissa i always pop on your blog but dont always leave a comment but wanted you to know that your posts lighten my heart and brighten my days,such wise words, we all accept others for who and what they are but yes find it hard to accept ourselves for who we are always striving to do more, be better as i am reaching the big 40 next month i am starting to feel a change within myself to accept myself for what and who i am and for people to accept me for me and your words of wisdom from the heart are so touching,thank you!!!I find your blog inspiring and full of love and just want to say hi and thankyou.
At the end of my day i always look forward to popping by and seeing and reading what you have been up too.I luv buttons too!!


Beautiful! - The card and your post!
I admire and look up to you!

Katie Squires



Gorgeous!! I just love your use of the little ribbon spool too, your creativity is endless! Happy Birthday to you!

Deah =)

exactly why your blog is in the top 5 on my inside and out. Thanks for sharing it with us. =)
GORGEOUS card, btw. Love the flower, especially. =)

Kalyn Kepner

What a gorgeous card and even more gorgeous words. I really needed to hear that today. Thanks, Melissa!

Amy Smith

Wow....little did I know upon coming to your site today I would be hit so beautifully by God. I am always extremely hard on myself....I guess we all are at times. And we may even want to quit but you have given me something to ponder over. You are a blessing! Thank you for your words and the scriptures....they have truly hit my heart!


I could have written those first 3 paragraphs Melissa. Although not as beautifully put :-). I am very much a perfectionist and that also seems to be my downfall. I am always running from finishing one thing to finishing another just so I get 'everything' done in the day. Fact is - those same things will be there tomorrow. Things will always keep. SO I have learned to slow down a little. Do as much as I can at a slower and more pleasureable pace. I am trying to learn to take a compliment, NOW THAT is a hard one. I am learning NOT to beat myself up because I just can't get the last 7lbs off despite the fact that I have lost over 83lbs in the first place. I am an all or nothing type of gal but am trying a little every day to be more relaxed about it all. Baby steps, every day.

Thank you for writing about your inner thoughts again. Sometimes it's hard for us to let our guard down and show that in fact, we are just normal people trying to survive the day like everybody else :-).

Love to you and yours

Ali xxx

Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

Thank you so much for the sweet inspiration you've gifted to each and every one of your readers. You will always remain in a very special place in my heart. Your card is breath taking and THAT bowl! Well that bowl is just precious.


You have an amazing way of putting thoughts on paper in a beautiful way. One of the reasons I love to visit your blog, not only for your projects, but your thoughts and writing style. What lovely words, and I think there are many of us that feel the same way. We are never good enough...but we are :0) ((Hugs))

Laura Solomon

I love that you shared this part of yourself. It's funny how we view ourselves compared to how others view us. You are SUCH an amazing designer (whose work I stalk..). Keep up the beautiful work- you are an inspiration to all of us.

Marcia Truslow

Your words are so powerful. Beautiful thoughts. I just shared them with someone who is in deep need of positive statements. Thank you so much for sharing with us today - a lovely gift from your beautiful, warm and loving heart.

Stéphanie Pouliot

Thanks for your post!

It was the perfect thing to read.... the perfect words, just what "we perfectionists" (general we and I included!)do need to remember every day~! It's always really easy to be hard on ourselves, but it's good to stop and take a few steps back and see that life can't be also perfect and embrace those moments even if they are not always what we wish they could be! And tomorrow is always a new day... a new beginning!

Hugs from Canada!


what a lovely heartfelt post - one that i KNOW i can understand. I also KNOW that God knows the hair on our heads. He has made us each to be individuals. We are precious in His sight. So -we need to remember to love ourselves more. If we can't love US we can't love others..and we just never know how we touch others lives..Your posts and cards are lovely.

Elizabeth S.

Love your post today. I think I needed that for myself. I am always comparing and not stopping to realize I have my own and should be greatful for it and if I can do better I will be able to.
Thank you!!
Love your gift to yourself.


((hugs)) back to you melissa
thank you for always sharing so much of your heart with us
your blog is always a beautiful and inspirational mental escape for me
i think today you shared what so many of us really feel inside
thank you for reminding us that we are worth more than we think...

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