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July 14, 2009



Yet another lovely and picturesque post from you Melissa. I can just feel the cool stream water as it runds through my toes and over my feet. Your card is the sweetest and I adore the way you so ingeniously speared the charm through with the straight pin. Perfectly elegant.

Lori R (loree2000)

Such a sweet post and cute card!

Will u be attending CHA?


melissa, that card is just beautiful! there are so many little details that all seem to flow together as one! love it!!! i so enjoy peeking in on your have a way with words and it's so fun to read! thanks for sharing! :) can't wait to see you cha goodies! :)


So dang sweet Melis!!!!


Just beautiful, Melissa. The post and the card.


I discovered your blog just recently while blog hopping and I find it's a tiny gift that I have found and cherish. You have a way with words that some how take me elswehere. Better yet your creations are just as touching. Thank you so much...Abby:)

Hilary Kanwischer

So lovely, such a beautiful card Melissa. And I really love the cherry pillow on the post below. You've given me yet another idea to "lift" oh my ultra-talented friend. :)

Shannan Teubner

This is gorgeous, Melissa!!


Pretty pretty card Melissa! I too am feeling the tug of summer coming to an end, we start school mid August and Jacob will be in 1st grade! I am so not ready for him to grow up!!! Hugs to you!


Such a beautiful card!! :)


Oh.. beautiful cards... Apricot Jam? mmmm yummy!!! did you make it? how? tell us!!!! have a creative day :)


Gorgeous card Melissa....lovely cool colours! bx


ohhhh I love the card..making freezer rapsberry jam, thinking about what to do with the giant zucchini..swimming, walking and experimenting with cupcakes...

Sherri (punkrose)

This is BEAUTIFUL!! I am going to play catch up on your blog ~ You are one talented lady! Hope you are having a Happy Summer! Sherri


This is so beautiful.

Lisa Hjulberg

Oh, I forgot to say when I first saw this card how lovely it is indeed! You rarely use blue... or at least this shade of blue. And the black really stands out, too. How do you come up with this loveliness? I'd like to have a peek inside your brain.

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