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August 28, 2009


Mandy S

I'm so glad that you aren't going completely away. I follow many blogs and yours is one of my favorites. I am drawn to your products and you give me much inspiration. So PLEASE.....don't leave us!!!!!


yipeeeee I am happy that you took a little break...I checked your blog each day, just in case you changed your mind..all our good vibes must have called out to you..!!!!


I'm so glad you didn't leave for good. I love visiting your blog and reading your sweet words. You inspire me to do more! Looks like so many people feel the same way!

Brenda Weaver

I'm so happy you decided to stick around! Your blog is one of my favorites! You would be sadly missed if you went away. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the wonderful inspiration you provide for all of us. You are incredibly talented.


Oh I LIKE this post....I like it VERY MUCH:-)))) You are not going away and leaving us forever....yaaaaaay!!!!! How could you think for a milli-second that what you do here does not matter!!! Shame on you Melissa. I am SOOOO glad that everyone has let you know that it matters A LOT and you have also missed it and what it adds to your life. Take all the time you need to get your new home sorted ...we, your devoted followers;-) will be here waiting when you return. God Bless! xL


So glad to hear from you. How nice to take a break with your husband. Enjoy settling into your new home.

Robyn Yakush

I'm soooo excited that you're coming back!!! Your blog is my very favorite and I check in every single day! I love reading your stories about your sweet girl--makes me think of my sweet girl! She'll cherish this blog someday and know just how much you love her and what she means to you--such a gift! I'll keep checking in daily! Yeah!!!

Diane H

I am sitting here yet again with tears in my eyes! I am so glad all is well in your world, I was so very worried. I just LOVE your way of commuting to us and your way of words....You have the "gift" of words, so well spoken, I LOVE your work, but most of all, I LOVE reading yor words, my life at times is not so easy, you are such a breathe of fresh air to me, a world I will never have but can be such a part of "yours" just by reading..I love very gald we can still "hear" you...thanks so much, and I love your creations, you are the best of the best!!!

Alyssa b

So glad to read your post about yourself and your womderful daughter. Your back and the beautiful reflections are the same as ever...I love it all sooo much

Kelly Davidson

I am so happy that you are not leaving us! I'm also very happy that you are okay. I read your blog every day, and love your absolutely beautiful cards and projects. You are so talented, and give inspiration to all of us less-creative types. Thank you for deciding to continue your wonderful blog.

jen shears

Ahhh... real relief that you are well & will be back! I too ADORE your work & creativity- but am really thrilled to be able to continue hearing stories of your little one! Your sweet words helps to keep things in perspective! Thank you & good luck with the move! xoxo


Yeah! Like I said the other day...your blog is my favorite. I was tickled when I saw your post on my Google Reader today. I'm glad that everything is okay & that you're going to "stay"! Good luck with your new house. :)

Elizabeth Beasterfield

Oh yippee!!!! I'm so excited that things will work out and you'll be sharing with us all your pretties and wonderful stories - I don't miss a day without coming here to visit your blog! I look forward to seeing what you are able to share with us during the holidays :D Hugs!

Alex Hughes


Susan Tethal

Prayers are answered! Selfishly, I am so happy that you will still be popping in to see us. That is one awesome husband you have, and I do believe he knows how very special you are to all of us and we thank him for sharing you. Please know that you have lifted me up with your beautiful art, your feeds to thought provoking articles, poems, etc., my favorites were some from Marjorie Pay Hinckly (spell?) that you referenced a while back. You have a gift!! Please don't ever forget that. Focus on your family and your new home..such fun! And please remember that we all out here in blogland Love You:)

Michelle M White

Whatever would I do without you and your dear blog sweet friend?!? Thank you (and your husband!) for reconsidering!


I am sitting here too with tears in my eyes....thank you and your husband for coming back you have made my year!!!!!!! I have missed you sweet Melissa! :) Bonnie x

Sandra Smart

You have just made my day. So happy you are going to continue on with your blog!

Jennifer Scull

what a little bit of sunshine appeared in my mailbox today when I had the notice that there was a new posting over here! glad you have been able to travel with hubby, but sorry it has meant away time from your little bug. but you and hubby needed that together time, too. can't wait to see what you have in store for us! :)

hugs to you and yours!


:) I'm so glad you've reconsidered your time with us. You inspire me in more ways than you know! Happy moving - with new adventures, friends and memories!

Erin Smetak

Hi Melissa,

I am a HUGE fan of yours, and a subscriber to your blog. When you wrote that last post about taking a break, I was so sad! I'm really glad that you're coming back to it! As a mother of 3, I know how you would want to spend as much time as possible with your little one. Isn't it hard to divide your time?!

Well, I have to say that I am excited that you're going to be continuing your blog, when you have time! Sounds like you have a lot of things going on!!!!

Your creations are truly amazing! You were the one that got me hooked on to Melissa Frances! I wish that I could create like you! You are SUCH an inspiration!

Thank you so much! I look forward to seeing what you do with your blog and I always look forward to your posts!

Have a wonderful day!


What a wonderful husband you have! And blog readers :0) We will be here when you have time, please make sure you take care of yourself and family first...then create amazing things for us to drool over!


Yay! You just made me very happy! So glad to hear you will be blogging again. It is such a joy to visit your blog every day with my morning coffee and see your beautiful creations and read about your wonderful stories, you bring a smile to my face with every visit. Good luck with the move, I'm so excited for you!


Horray! I've still been checking for updates everday just to see if by chance you'd be back and here you are! I'm so happy that you haven't given up your blog--I love hearing about your little bean and all her adventures and of course I come here to be dazzled and inspired by your wonderful creations!! Have a great weekend!


Ahhh, your husband is a very wise man:) Bless him and YOU. Enjoy this time. Glad to know you are finding peace within and have found a happy medium. We all have to do an inner search sometimes. You have a wonderful best friend with that hubby of yours! I am lucky to have one as well. Welcome back! Kathi

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