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August 29, 2009


Leonie - Australia

What a gorgeous little book, I so love all the things you make, in fact my inspiration folder is FULL of pictures from your blog to give me inspiration. Thank you for sharing them.

Diane H

What a wonderful mini tag book! I remember the "milk" money, I can remember my Mom always packed us a lunch, we couldn't afford a hot lunch, and how I always wanted hot lunch, now I realize how "special" we really were that she hand packed us her home made "tuna salad" sandwiches...funny how things change!
Also wanted to mention I saw ALL your lovely creations in the new Papercrafts Holiday Cards very beautiful!


you ROCK!! just love this project!


So nice to wake up to you on my screen this morning, Melissa :-)

We had milk money too but my folks had to pay it straight to the teacher and the milk we got was warm :-(. We don't get hot lunches at school over here nor do we have a schoolbus system.

I am giggling to myself about the Coca Cola at midnight. LOL, full of fizz, so bright and SO SHINY RED - You are SO STYLISH even in the middle of the night.

Love those little tags but that little picture from your Etsy shop is winking at me from this post. I can't concentrate until I see what it is, ROFLOL. Off to take a peek!

laura huffman

glad to know you're well and everyone around you is well. moving can be a huge endeavour and don't wish to do it any time soon. love my home. love that your back and everything is good. love all that you do. thanks


Oh my goodness! I find your little tag book, oh so very ----

wait for it ----






It's amazing to see your creations. I'm a huge fan and sooooo glad that you're back. Just remember that you're a beautiful and inspiring person!

Have a nice day; can't wait to see your next post!


Gorgeous book! I adore your color combinations and the items you put together. So glad you are back! =)

Dawn Petrick

What a beautiful idea!! Your combination of colours and layers are always amazing! And I agree with Leonie up inspiration folder is FILLED with photos of your cards :) Thanks so much for sharing!


I love memory lane!! I got milk money too and it brought me back!!! Glad to see you when I turned on my computer this morning! Beautiful as always!

karen q

Beautiful book. Your daughter is going to have so many priceless moments captured for her to remember. Such a loving mother. Glad you are back blogging.

Kathy W

Just the title of your post made me think back to those little plastic coin purses shaped like an oval that you squeezed to get your nickel or dime out of of..that's how I carried my milk money to school. What a darling school mini-book. I am putting together a mini-book of my first year of teaching from last year. This gives me lots of inspiration.


Milk money, I forgot about that! At my daughter's school they have a system where I send in a check and then she uses a pin # at the register to pay for her drink or snack. Love the projects! Hope your daughter is enjoying kindergarten!


Thanks for sharing your beautiful tag booklet. This would make a great teacher gift as well! Hmmm........I know a teacher who would love it!

Carla Grace, Middleburg, Florida

What a sweet surprise to see two new posts this evening! You are on my list of favorites and I absolutely adore your work...take your time, enjoy your family and share when you can! We all love it!


already ordered all the supplies, lol. SOOOOOOOOOO glad you are with us again, so look forward to your posts.

Melisa Waldorf

This is soooo adorable!!

Ann D.

You can't imagine how thrilled I was this Monday morning to find that you're back! I've missed your inspiration. Your blog has always been my favorite and it just makes me so happy that you're back! Know that what you do on your blog does matter. It's not just the crafty inspiration, but life inspiration, too. Thanks for all you do! We love it all!


I am so glad that you are back. I was so sad when I read that you were taking a break. You have been part of my morning routine and I really missed it.



Such a sweet tag book! One of my favorites to make - YOURS are like eye candy though.


Love it - love the plaid - so back-to-schoolish

Keely Yowler

So beautiful! I love every detail.


LOVE this tag book! Gorgeous as usual! :0)


Just love the projects! Awesome work as always. I remember the milk days too! We can't do that must use a debit card type thing!Q


This is so sweet, Melissa! So many beautiful details!

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