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August 21, 2009



Dear Melissa,
I'm so sad that you will not be blogging anymore. You will be truly missed by all of us! Will we be able to come back and read through your blog archives, or will you blog be taken down completely? Thanks for all of your sweet words and creative inspiration. I have loved following it for the past year or two.

heidi quick

Melissa! I think I read and reread your first statment over to myself several times before it was sinking in. My heart sank! I am going to miss you so much. Do you remember what a big influence you extended to me in Ottawa, IL? I copied your "love you berry much" and one of my students sent it to her mother who had cancer. When I went to the wake there was YOUR card sitting by a picture of the two of them. I'm sure you have a lot on your plate and need to scale back and regroup. Enjoy the time with your daughter as it is so fleeting. Just know they joy you have brought to so many near and far. I will certainly have a special spot for you in my heart.


I will truly miss your frequent updates. I will continue to look for your creations, though, as I think your work is utterly fantastic! Thank you for all of your inspiration.


I will miss the regular visits to your blog. Your writing and your paper creations are always so beautifully inspiring. I'm glad you will still be part of the PTI design team. Wishing you lovely days ahead.


I am so sad that you will not be on your blog as frequently. I so enjoyed your inspiring uplifting posts. I will continue to fo;;oe your ceativity on PTI monthy

Stacey Kingman

You know I will miss you...


Melissa, my favorite card've been a huge inspiration for me, I will miss checking in with you each day! I hope you will continue to blog when you get a chance. Your creations are truly amazing and beautiful.


Oh, no! Your blog is my favorite! Really & truly. When there's a post from you on my Google Reader I always save it for last so I can savor your beautiful pictures & read what you have to say. Your posts just radiate happiness! And I'm so inspired by your work & style. I do wish you & yours the best, though.

Jackie W.

I will miss your daily posts - your uplifting and loving words about everyone around you, as well as your most beautiful creations you share with all of us. I wish you only the best as you do what you feel is right for you and your family now. I do selfishly hope that you'll be able to share a bit of your finished home with us. I will miss you so much!


I'm in shock!!! I re-read your blog three times!!! You know how much you have influenced me and my card making! I hope that we can stay in touch!!! I will miss visiting your wonderful blog and seeing your wonderful creations!!! But I know you have reasons and I will keep you in my thoughts and will see you soon!!!Hugs, Char


Melissa, I am so sad to hear this. I truly enjoy your work and check your blog first. Please keep in touch and I will be looking forward to these montly blog posts. You will be missed.
Enjoy your time with your family and your new house.
I have know you since I started my little endeavour and I hope you come back soon.


It's always a good idea to take a step back and regroup, so good for you, Melissa. I'm sure the transition with Sierra is on your mind too. My Morgan is off to Kindergarten, and Payton is starting preschool this year, so I have some of that anxiety myself.
Take care of you and yours first.
Huge Hugs my friend!


I feel like one of my good friends just moved out of town.
Take care.
~Shari R.

Beatriz Jennings

Wishing you always the best sweet Melissa ;) {{{hugs}}}

Melissa D.

I am sorry you are saying goodbye but I know you have your reasons. Good luck with where life is sending you.

Diane H

Oh, no....your blog is the one I go to every single day, I love your writings with words as much as I do your creations,and I had so hope to see photos coming soon of your new home.....what a sad day for us all, we don't want you to leave us, you are so creative and inspiring!!! I have tears in my eyes....really!!! But, you must have a reason, I hope all is well in your world...keep us posted here and there...please??


Hi Melisa, I'm wishing you well and do understand the need to step back and breathe sometimes. We will still have all of your previous creations to gaze lovingly upon. Take Care.


Your presence in blogland will be so incredibly missed. I pray for whatever reasons you are taking a break, you will find the peace you need. God bless you, Melissa.

Ann D.

I will so miss visiting your blog each day. You've truly been an inspiration to us all. i do hope we'll be able to refer back to your blog. Thanks for all of your amazing designs and your encouraging and up beat words.


you will be missed...and i'm sad taht we won't see you around as often! but, i know that the Lord directs your steps and He knows what's best! i'll have to keep up through your etsy site...but will miss your way with words on the blog! blessings on your journey!!!


Hi Melissa, you will be terribly're an inspiration in so many ways that I'm certain blogland will have a vacant hole that can only be filled by you. Take good care of you and yours....Abby:)

Kay Sibley

Melissa, I will definitely check in on your blog from time to time. And I'll also keep up with you through the Design Teams that you are continuing. You know I'm one of your biggest fans!! ;o) Thank you for the daily inspiration you've gifted to some many of us! I'm wishing you and your precious family the very very best! Hugs to you! ♥♥ Kay

Jessica Canham

Melissa, I will miss your posts and seeing your cards. I'm glad that you're still designing for Papertrey so I will look forward to the 10th of each month. Take care and thanks for all the beautiful inspiration you have shared! You are one of my favorite designers with your feminine, vintage style.

Shellie Hartsock

You will truly be missed! I have enjoyed reading your blog on a daily basis and you have inspired me more than you can imagine. I feel a special connection to you since I LOVE all things "vintagey". I will look forward to your PTI designs each month. I wish you the best! Hugs!

laura huffman

visit you each day to enjoy your stories and your talent. hope all is well with your family. time is so important and to spend it wisely isn't always done easily. best of luck and know you will be missed.

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