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October 06, 2009


Keely Yowler

Just beautiful! Love that Santa, too!

Kelly in Canada

Your cards are make me want to try even harder to make gorgeous cards! Lovely, lovely inspiration.


You are so talented! Your cards are gorgeous! inspired me to buy the stamp set from Darkroom Door! I just got it in the mail today and cannot wait to use it!! Thanks so much for the beautiful inspiration!


Now Melissa, you know how much I love your cards, in fact anything that you turn your hands to but in this case I have to say I love the 'song' even more. It sounds a lot like our house with a few variations thrown in for good measure like, 'Get off your sister', 'Stop fighting', 'Please get your jim-jammers', 'Yes, you can have five minutes more', 'Thank you Mummy', 'Love you' etc........ One of these days I am going to actually write out our song. I need to do that before I forget it and it will be no time before we will have moved onto another 'song'. Thank you for reminding me about the little things. It's not always about having a pristine house, much better to share a movie or story with the kids!


Hi Melis, love your "song"...I'll have to sit down and write down ours. You always inspire me to think about things I would normally never think of...thanks!



What a beautiful post! I think I'm going to have to write out our song!


love your cards always! and the "song" is certainly something to think sons are grown and gone from my house. My husband just died 3 months ago. So - our son has changed drastically. Now i babysit my two grandsons once a week. so i have that song to think about. i KNOW that i really make a point of giving lots of love yous,thank you sweetie pies,just a lot of affirmations. That said i also try to give directions for life living for them, even though they are only 1 and 3!!! when the older one wants to "help" i let him. How can he learn something if he doesn't try..and i want them to try everything (within reason!). I have just finished reading three books about Mr. Rogers (yes THAT Mr. Rogers).what a wonderful person he was. I try to copy HIS affirmations toward children. well - this got longer than i planned! again - thank you for the lovely cards and the lovely look into your life.


As always such beautiful inspiration :-) Happy Wednesday!!


Perfectly layered wonderful cards!!! :)

Rachel Greig

You are making me fall in love more and more with that jolly old fellow! :) Love your cards! Thanks for sharing and for the compliments too :) I'm SOOO pleased you enjoy using the stamps and photos!

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