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November 21, 2009



Ohhhh, yum!!!! I LOVE pumpkin, so will have to give these a try!

Mrs Frizz

Oh wow ... not only are you a whizz with paper, you are a whizz in the kitchen ... those baked goodies look yummy!!!

In my part of the world, pumpkin pies and pumpkin rolls aren't the norm shall we say ... but that roll looks divine!

Wouldn't mind one of those muffins with my coffee.

Anna Pontikis

These both look yummy, I don't really bake with pumpkin, but I might have to give them a try, just the photos make them look so tempting.


Pumpkin roll is my all time favorite food source. Now I only get it once a year & since my b-day is the 25th I request it as my b-day cake. Oh yummy, I'm calling my friend right now to make sure she doesn't forget !!! :) Thanks for reminding me... yummmmmy!


Oh yum, my mouth is watering just looking at them:))


Yummy yummy Melis! I love those pumpkin rolls and those muffins look delish. The card is beautiful! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


Yum yum yum! Mother always made cranberry orange muffins & homemade croissants on Christmas morning... I would look forward to the muffins all year long.

denise young

Once again, anothe ryummy dessert. Your muffin looks scrumtious! I love cooking with pumkin. I just bought my stock of Libby's yesterday- am ready to start baking for the holidays. Check out this easy Libby recipe
I baked two weeks ago.

kim smart

I am definitely going to try making the cranberry, orange, pumpkin muffins for the girls where I work! They look so pretty the way you tied ribbon around them! love everything you make :)

Tammy D

These both look delicious! I've made the pumpkin roll before but now I'll have to try the bread. Yum!


Yummy, thanks for the recipes

heidi quick

Melissa, I just had the biggest chuckle. I am reading your blog about your mom making these treats. So I am thinking your mom's name is Libby. Then I click on the link and it is LIBBY'S!!! LOL!


Bonjour! Ces pâtisseries Ont l'air bien sympatique et ta carte est extra!!

Diana Foster

Thanks for the recipe. I love cranberry and orange. can't wait to try it!


That pumpkin roll looks DELICIOUS!! I saw you in Artful Blogging...great article!

Keely Yowler

Mmmm, delicious! I'm going to make a pumpkin roll this week.

Sharron / Sharrahug

Yummo!!!!!! They both look sooo delish!!! I make a pumpkin soft cookie that is really good too if you'd like the recipe......just let me know.
Huggies ~


i made the pumpkin cranberry bread a couple of weeks ago - makes the house smell delish - and the bread IS delish! i like the idea of making the muffins - and will do that to give as gives for christmas..thank you for sharing


Today I made the pumpkin cranberry muffins and must say they were wonderful. Thanks for sharing your recipes and I love to look at your blog.


Thanks for sharing the recipe for the muffins! I must make them for Thanksgiving now.

Melissa DeTullio

This look absolutely delicious. I am definitely going to have to try making some for some friends I get to visit every month and of course the family : )

Troy Louise

Oh do those look delicious - may I come over? Thanks & hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


comment number 2! i made the muffins today - i didn't have any chunky sugar to put on top - so i just sprinkled regular sugar on top -and then added a quarter of a smidge of salt on top of each muffin!! a quarter of a smidge must be about 6 grains of salt!! i baked the muffins for 30 minutes. and they turned out perfectly!


Ok, so maybe mine didn't turn out nearly as eye appealing as yours but they were very very yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe..your blog always does my heart good! hugs,T

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